Monday, August 24

Daily grind.

Well. Back to work I am...
We had a nice visit with my sister and her family.
Her little boy,
who is 1 year younger than Brooklyn,
is sure a cutie and it was so nice to see them play (& fight) together, heheh!

& I sure ate my share of cravings in the last 2 weeks! Oy!
Back to having will power & eating the healthy stuff now.
I definitely don't need to gain another 70lbs
this time around with this pregnancy!

Friday, August 21


bon-bons..... :)

(or as the kidlets - my 2 year old and my sister's 1 year old -
this week called them "bum-bums" because they couldn't pronounce bon-bons!
hahahaha, om-gosh!)

Thursday, August 13

Positive!!!! ;)

Sooooo.... :)

This is what I've been 'hiding' for the last month! hehe!

I'm just over 2 months now.

We've finally told my parents so I guess the word can come out now! hehe
It was tough seeing as I'm such a blabber mouth!!

But luckily the parents and siblings who live near us and my other sibling who I phone every week were all on vacation and I haven't seen or talked to them since we found out! It was definitely easier that way to keep it at bay, hehe.

Now that I've got FULL-ON first trimester symptoms starting 2 weeks ago!!! UGHHHHH!!!

Did I ever mention how much I despise morning, afternoon and evening sickiness (whoever named it just "morning" sickness must have been a man!)??!! ACK!

I just don't know what to do with myself while feeling constantly sick like this during all my waking's either severe heartburn (which I never ever get in normal everyday life) or that nautious puking feeling if I don't eat or severe bloating where I look 5 months pregnant if I eat too much (which is a fine line since my digestive system has also slowed down or gone kaput). OY! It's tough to find that middle ground or to find that one comforting drink or food that will help to ease the feeling...especially when I am extremely tired and just want to pass out at my work desk (I seriously thought of bringing a pillow to work for fear of calling in sick too many times since they don't know). The past few days my main tolerable food has been toast. And now I'm thinking soup too. If I eat anything else that is difficult to digest, I feel complete crappola. Coffee is also a bad culprit for the heartburn much to my despair (no I don't give up coffee voluntarily-just reduce it). I think I have to give up my oatmeal though for awhile because it's just too heavy. I am going to try ginger ale today and see how that helps because I've also been super thirsty and it seems to ease stomach sickness too. And, omg, all of that is not even half of it! Ok, well maybe about half.

But aside from all my whining and complaining, I know that all this annoying sickness and physical marathon that I am 'running' while I lay on my couch is SOOOO worth it in the end. ;)

I remember when Brooklyln was born; the birth (c-section) was the most devastating thing I've gone through yet when I held her, it all just melted away. I can't wait to feel that again. *sniff sniff*...

As for Brooklyn, she's so proud to becoming a big sister!! :) Always asking "mommy, does your baby like yogurt?" while we're eating yogurt or whatever it is that we're eating, lol! She's too darn cute! Lately she's been asking me, "did you eat your baby?" I guess because it is in my belly, hahah! But have since tried to explain that the baby is protected and growing in my 'uterus' should hear her try to say that word! LOL! She kisses my belly and hugs it and gets excited that the baby is growing bigger just like her!! heheh! Oh man, I never knew how fun this would be with a toddler around!!

So, in any case, wish me luck with the rest of the first trimester (1 more month to go!) as I realize that it's still a bit early! I just can't keep a secret any longer!! LOL

I would like to thank my husband who is basically superman to me right now (oh, he always is though) while I lay around trying to get energy to do the everyday things that I normally do. Now he does most of them while also renovating our basement, making a new backyard deck, fixing our furnace chimney, entertaining our 2 year old and, om-gosh, every other related parenting task that I am feeling so guilty for not doing lately. He is just the BEST!!!! I could not have picked a better human being to father my children and to be my husband! :)

I would also like to thank the heavens and my late father-in-law for being the guardian angel to make this happen...we conceived the day after Jody came back from his funeral, the exact day that we also decided we could try getting pregnant again. It is truly a miracle and a blessing.

Saturday, August 8


So I've finally completed my paper and edits and's handed in. Although a few days late of which I kinda got crap for. And now I'm not sure if it will officially be marked. Hopefully it will. Just a little slap on the hand, right. Rightly deserved, I feel pretty crappy about it.
But oh well. The stress is gone for now. It was bad. Lots of things are going on so needless to say I've been super stressed. Will post more about the shenanigans later on.

In any case, here are some fun pics of our trip to the lake last weekend...unfortunately we didn't stay long. The bugs were HORRENDOUS!!! But it was fun while it lasted and good to get out and do some family things.

Gassing up the truck.

Driving to the lake.

We, of course, came across a few buffalo.

And finally at the lake!!

I just wish the bugs weren't so crazy up here.
Ah well...such is life while living in the North.