Wednesday, April 29


I just have to say....that I LOOOOOOVE colour!
It makes my heart sing!

Monday, April 27

A change...will do us good?!

Change is inevitable. 
It is required, really. 
But. It is, no doubt, verrry difficult to deal with.

This is what I've been trying to figure out as to why my 2 year old has, just this week, started to DOWNRIGHT refuse to go to sleep in her own bed. Like seriously, 3 hour tantrums are just not our c'mon! And all of our previous bedtime methods, which always worked, are just NOT working. We are shocked, to say the least. And we are gathering that 2 year olds are different little people that require different little needs (juuust figured this out tonight although it could be TOTALLY out of whack...who knows?! We don't, that's for sure!!!). And I feel like a big failure in the mommy department right now. Like holy cow, it was a tough night and I'm not sure what the heck we are doing and what we're even gonna do for tomorrow night's bedtime! Oy!

She is currently, however, sound asleep beside her father in our king-sized bed while I sit here on the couch attempting to write my last term paper which is due in a mere 2 days. Procrastination is an evil, evil thing, I tell you. What can I say, since I am on blogger typing this up instead! 

And we're also hoping for some positive news with regards to my father-in-law. And praying that his cancer has not returned. I don't imagine that this is a possibility that anyone would want to hear...ever. Nuff said about that. Don't want to jinx anything.

And all of this while I attempt to work out some inner demons of my own in dealing with all of these changes myself. I am a creature of habit and change makes me leary. I'm not complaining about having to deal with it all. No, not at all. I was heartbroken enough after being away for so long. So bring it on. I will deal with it all in whatever order and in whatever fashion. It is just as I mentioned previously...change is difficult, nonetheless. And I am not bionic or made of steel (although sometimes I like to think I am). I am human. And I make mistakes too. Growing up is a lot more difficult then one would like to think. And growing pains never really end, do they? 

So it is now midnight and I suppose I shall either continue writing that paper or....just go to bed. But *GROAN* my tummy hurts so much!! Oh, did I not mention?! Jody and I have also been dealing with food poisoning all day and night from God knows what! urgh. 

I'm such the good, fantastic complainer today, aren't I?! 
I better get an A+ for that!!  :P
Oh well, it's a free country I suppose...

Thursday, April 23

Gatherer syndrome...

Ok, so I think in my "old" age that I am getting to be somewhat of a 'collector' of sorts. I figure it must be the 'gatherer' syndrome and how women have, for centuries, provided for their families. I think that the gatherer in me is finally coming out...after all, good ol' hubby is the hunter (or atleast he tries, hehe). And after starting off my adult life as an 'uber-liberated' woman, becoming a mom later on has surely made me realize that there *really* are specific gender differences in our species. Now hold on before you blast me...I don't know if this gatherer thing is one of them, but hey, it's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it! heheh!

So first my little obssession and collecting started out with rings, then just plain ol' jewellery in it's turned a whole new avenue that includes stones!! What the heck!? I honestly don't know what is happening to me!! I've never been a collector of anything before really!! Except maybe sandals... But, truthfully, I am really liking it (obviously, why else would I be obssessed with doing it!? hehe). It must give me some sort of purpose. Now that I think about it, it's just like shopping I guess, hehe. The thrill and the pretties.

Currently I've realized that I like to see my collections grow. I am proud of them. I like to display them...somewhere high enough though where baby girl can't get at them; but she loves them too and kisses each ring I wear when she sees them on my fingers, haha.

And so I've recently purchased my first 4 stones...I have no idea what I'll do with these stones besides stare at them in awe, LOL! And keep them on a pretty plate so I could do just that. But, ohhh, lately I am having HUUUGE crushes on moukite, Morgan Hill Poppy jasper (!!!), laguna agate, turquoise (which I have yet to buy) and just really different stones with bursts of wild colour or ever-wicked patterns on them! As you may be able to tell from my first ever purchases below...

ebay seller stephitom65

Oh, and I should mention that I purchased a book called The Crystal Bible as well...I have yet to crack it open but the concept of crystals and stones and healing and feelings really intrigues me.

Tuesday, April 14

T minus 2 sleeps!!!

2 presentations down!
Public speaking is so nerve-wracking...
I did decently but I still think I could use more practice.
Maybe I will end up teaching one day...
I've previously found out that teaching has helped 
this particular fear-factor in the past.
Hopefully after this degree, 
I will have that option to choose from as well.

Now just 2 papers and one exam left!

T-minus-2 sleeps till I leave for my 1700km drive HOME!!!!
Car is almost all packed up!
And I'm going SUPER crazy with excitement!!
But it's the really good kinda crazy that makes
me feel like life will, once again, be full and complete
with the people I love the most.

Saturday, April 11

Last week!


6...possibly 5 days left!!
I am getting thoroughly excited!
I still have a bit to do...
but it's all coming together as it should.


Happy Easter to everyone!

Wednesday, April 8

Did I mention?!

Have I mentioned before that toothpaste 
works wonders for a zit!?

Oh, no?!

Well, it does :)

(yes I'm 30 and still get's a wonderful 
and mesmerizing thing, these hormones.....NOT!)

Sunday, April 5

Nothing new, really...except I could cry each minute of every day. But I can't. So I wait.

I don't really have anything new to post.
I'm just busy trying to get stuff done before I leave.
And I've gotten quite a bit done this week actually.

So in the past day or two or three
I've sort of had
moments of "unbusyness"...
Which is not fun when 
I can think about is going home.

But, ahh, life is one big challenge after another.
And I realize that I am incredibly
lucky to have such opportunity 
and such confounding support.

I guess it's quite an ideal time now for 
a reflection of sorts 
in this very difficult, 
yet short period of time
in my life
which is soon coming to a close.
So I will do my best to make 
it a good reflection of sorts.


12 more days 
till I get to see this beautiful little girl!
She really reminds me of me
when I was a little girl 
except she's got her 
father's beautiful hazel-green eyes.

Oh how my love grows each day for this child of mine.
I never knew love could be this GRAND.
How did I get so lucky?! *sniff sniff*

Wednesday, April 1

Plus 2.

It looks like I have a set back.
I'm back at 16.

I had it in my mind that 
one of my projects 
was due April 15....
but, nope, 
April 17 is my lucky day.
(And it's a group project 
so I don't want to leave my partner hanging.)
April fools on me, right!

I guess this just means I will 
have a few extra days to get my papers done.

....I was wondering why my Prof 
was so reluctant to give me that early exam date....

Oh well, 
it's better to be frantic and crazy
then bored and alone.

And seeing as confusion is everywhere,
I must now go run amok.