Thursday, October 18

Run, run, run!

That's about it...I'm back to running 3 times a week or so. And it is helping me regain my womanly figure back! hehe! FINALLY!! After months of stagnant weight loss (another words, none)!!

Since running again, I noticed (pardon my openness) lesser cellulite on my butt and a few inches off the front and sides abling me to fit into my size 12 jeans again...still a little snug but looking MUCH better and soon to be my regular jeans again :)

Running is good...I realized why I didn't stick with it before...because I got bored. So I freshened up my 20 minute runs with 1 minute of 'sprints' every 5 minutes. Easy enough and keeps me busy and not bored that it (the 20 min) actually goes by pretty quick! And I think it may help in the metabolism department too! Bonus!!

It's do-able! Something to stick out in the long run :)

Thursday, October 4

New life decisions :)

Well, I've made a few recent and rational changes to my mind about my career and my educational plans for my life...I've decided that instead of working for a year and then just up and leaving for school to finish my masters degree, that I will continue to work and ask for educational leave to attend a few courses on a part-time basis.

There are some required courses (block-week courses) that I can take at the U of C that are only 7-10 days one case, the course is 2 months instead of 4. They are condensed and very intense but I know I can spread it out and do it and maybe even get it done quicker then if I were to quit my job and go. And I think work can afford me that time off and so can my family as it's not too long being away. And it works out better for my family, as I won't have to uproot them and move them all away, with our mortgage and our house and our jobs to leave behind or worry about. And it will work out to be cheaper too in all these aspects.

And I'm pretty sure my employer will support me in this as they've mentioned supporting me in completing my masters degree before they contracted me on. And I think they would benefit from having someone like me, who was born and raised here (being local is very important here) who is also highly educated in many environmental capacities (I'm not bragging but when I get my masters, I'll be one of a few in this town). So if they get to keep me as their mapper analyst, in addition to allowing me to take a few courses here and there, then I think everyone benefits. And I would still get a paycheck! Yah!

Heck, I recently decided that I really love this job and don't want to leave it anyways! I get awesome pay for doing something that I really like!! So to heck with those other jobs...!! Although I'm still applying for that other job that I won the appeal's back out in competition again right now. But I'm only applying because I want to feel justified and then reject them when they have to offer me the job [because I'm so brilliant ;)]. But I still feel they are trying to purposely push me out of an screening process (you should read the ridiculous qualifications) and so if they do succeed once again then I will be happy to appeal again and once again give them a good ass-whooping!! I mean, c'mon now...I don't want to job anymore anyways! Geesh! But atleast be fair about it!! Some people are just plain assholes who abuse their position of power...and I'm ready to take them down before they up and retire in the next year, if that's what it takes to play their 'fair' game! hehe!

Anyhow, I love my job and I ain't going nowhere and that's what I've ultimately decided!!

Also recently, Jody is in the beginning of a career change here in town...he also just got moved over to start an apprenticeship as a small engine repair mechanic (fixing ski-doos, quads, all terrain vehicles, recreational vehicles basically). He has wanted to do this since we moved here 3.5 years ago and this is the perfect opportuntiy for him to do so and he is due for a change and a solid specific career. No more of him just being the 'labour' guy. So it would be crappy if we had to move in the middle of him working at it, atleast in the beginning anyways.

AND.....all of these decisions will give me time to consider WHEN I can have another baby...and very soon. Well atleast in a year or so. I want Brooklyn to have a little friend and don't want to wait too long so that the kids are too far along in age. Sooo, I'm still thinking about this one and when I should try again. Of course, I will let you know when I decide...or when it is already decided ;) hehe

Thursday, September 27


I want to brag about my new nephew, Dariusz, who was born this afternoon at 1:20pm Mountain Standard time, weighing 6lbs 11oz!!

My sister did end up getting a cesarian shortly after my first post today, due to the baby having some more stress in the womb. I didn't find out until a few hours later when my mom was able to get a moment and call. But she and baby are healthy and doing very well and we are all so happy for her and her hubby :)

Ohh, I'm melting with joy!! I'm an auntie now :D


My sister is in labour as I type mom is down there visiting and helping out with everything which I am SOO thankful for because I am SOO worried and wish I was there to help her! It is also bringing back those emotions and feelings that I had from my labour almost exactly a year ago, so I am overcome with worry!

Anyhow, so far things are going ok. And so far it kinda sounds similar to my labour in terms of slowness (she's been in labour since yesterday afternoon and was only 3cm dilated this morning)...and now she is currently getting an epidural. Hopefully she can have the baby naturally and not like me with an emergency c-section. But ultimately, I hope she has the baby by tonite...and of course the main thing being that momma and baby are safe and healthy. Ohhh the stress!

UPDATE: the baby is going through some stress...very slow heartbeat right after contractions which is not normal so they gave her an epidural and are putting a water tube up there since the baby's liquids have been low to begin with...she is trying hard not to have a c-section so if this water tube thing doesn't work then she will have to have one...I'm so worried about the baby though I almost wish she'd just opt for a c-section now...I kind of regret telling her how bad my c-section was....god, how absolutely stressful...I could just cry right now.

Monday, September 24

Screwy uppy...

So I bought a new weigh scale...a digital one.

BAD MOVE when you're in the midst of trying to lose weight!! haha! It is a few pounds different, and I mean heavier(!!), than the old one!!

Oh well, such is life...I'm on a weight rut anyways and re-evaluating my eating habits once again. I'm going to cut out the cookie that I eat every afternoon at snack-time and replace it with an apple. Good choice, I know. hehe!

So, in the meantime, I think I'll officially go by the new scale although this means waiting probably an extra week or more by the time that I 'catch up' again to my old weight of 168! *sigh*

Oh well...more incentive to eat apples, I guess!! haha

PS- I am a horrible mom...Brooklyn fell down the steps today as I turned my back for ONE SECOND to let the dogs inside...she usually crawls down the stairs but this time as I turned around, she lunged at me to pick her up and I wasn't quick enough and she toppled down the 3 steps to the bottom..... =( My poor baby girl. I was SOOOO horrified. But she is ok and survived with no bumps or bruises, just scared herself pretty good...and scared her momma to death too!!! I'm NEVER doing that again, turning my back on her right by a flight of stairs!!!!! OMG the horror!!

Friday, September 14

1 down...

Ok, so I'm a pound lighter :)
I weighed in this morning at 168!! Yay!
I can almost fit comfortably into my old black pea coat again!
I'd say ~8 more pounds...!

Can't. wait.


Thursday, September 13

Brooklyn's first birthday!!!!

My little girl has turned one already!! Mind you, that was a week ago now, but I've been too lazy to post, ok! lol!

Here are some pics of my lovely little girl... :D damn, this blog won't let me download some pics...maybe tomorrow...if you really want to see them, go look on Facebook. I have them all posted there ;) hehe

Tuesday, September 4

Monday efficiency

Got LOTS done today at work!! I'm really satisfied with a job well done and almost complete! And I'm finally seeing a light at the end of this crazy, mapping library nightmare!!

The reason being for my sudden, yet super efficiency-mode was due to the internet/network going down today...for the whole day...go figure. hehehe! That thing can really get you hog-tied and distracted at work :P

So remind me to cut the internet off when I have lots of self-motivational work to do! lol! Because it's called procastination and I'm really good at it...until the power goes out and then I get too bored and I resort to working like a dog! lol! My shoulder muscles are actually sore and I'm was quite a physical job, I must say!

Monday, September 3

Total weight loss so far...

So since being fully pregnant I've lost a total of 51 pounds!!!

HOLA!! Now putting that perspective on it makes me feel very proud of myself...and that's only 9 lbs away from my pre-pregancy state!! Awesome!!!

Although, there are certain things on my body that have 'shifted' (from being pregnant) and so I realize that I will need to work a bit harder to 'get rid of' those the 'belly bloop'...having that is not very fun! lol!

But all in all, this gives me more motivation to keep at it and become a healthy momma for me and my baby!!

My current goal...if you don't to 'start over' (after summer) and lose 15 pounds (from 175). And so far, I've lost 6 pounds of that and have 14 more to go!!

After that goal is complete, I will set another goal for either 10 or 15 more pounds.

But one step at a time!
Gotta stay focused ;)

Friday, August 31

New Research Topic!!

WHOOOHOOO!! I just got approved for my new research topic for my thesis!! And I can start on it whenever I like!

My supervisor said it sounded very exciting and meaningful and even wants to help out with the field and ground work that will, no doubt, be needed! (Note: I had to ask her whether she would be willing to take me on again as a student when I officially return to grad school in Jan09!!)

But more details later on!!! I'm just relishing in my triumph after days of feeling anxiety from waiting to hear back from her...worried about her rejection. But she's so game! And so it's a GO!!! WHOOHOO!!

Calorie catch up...and weight in

Weigh-in for today = 169 lbs: lost 1 measly pound!! Oh well, atleast I'm in another weight, I think I have more inches because my regular pants are getting pretty baggy on me, I feel like I got saggy! But still don't comfortably fit into my mid-weight jeans yet...they fit but still a bit too tight to wear them with confidence. So I guess, all in all, it's going good. Any progress in good.

And since I haven't been posting my calories lately I will post my catch-up list too. I did eat bad on a few days, in the whole, the day that I was in YK and then when I got back (emotional eating that nite). But overall, it looks not too bad.

Starting from yesterday (today has not been eaten yet) and descending to previous days:

Thursday (Aug.30): 1285 ...slightly over...found some damn ice cream :(
Wednesday: 1308 ...over
Tuesday: 1160 ...good job
Monday: 1079 ...under!
Sunday: 1222 ...good
Saturday: 2133 ...way over!
Friday: 1772 ...over...
Thursday: 1338 ....kinda over
Wednesday: 1314 ...again over
Tuesday: 1442 ...and again
Monday: 1233 ...good
Sunday: 1658 ...yup
Saturday (Aug.18): 2050 ...I guess I didn't do as great as I initially thought :(

I think Aug. 17 was my last calorie posting date...yup, so there you have it. Not too bad but could be better...I don't know why I only lost one pound :(

Oh well...keep on trucking, as they say :)
They also never said it would be easy!

Monday, August 27

I survived...

And so did my baby Brooklyn it appears, without me. And she started walking too! Boohoo!!! However, it's still just a few steps and then she wants to crawl again...and my husband diligently videotaped her first few times walking on her own so that was super nice. I just missed her SOOOOOO much!! Glad to be home now...super nice!

Monday, August 20


I'm in a hotel room in a different city for a work related conference...5 days without my baby girl...not nice.

Friday, August 17

Friday weigh-in and counts

I weighed-in Thursday morning because I was at 170...a total loss of 5 lbs. Today (Friday) I am just bloated or something...

Calorie counts:
Thursday: 1185
Friday: 1230

That is 9 straight days of not going over!!! Almost 11 days but I slipped up on the 2nd day. Regardless, I am so proud of myself; even on the weekends I am doing good...

However, tomorrow is the big 'supershaker' dance and party...of which I am attending. But I will try to stick to diet pop and rye or something low caloric. Although I feel my bottle of red wine calling my I plan on going over my range but not by too much.

Finally catching up to rest of the world...

Wow. We finally got digital cell phone service in this town...I think it's one of the very few left of the developing countries to have finally caught up :P
So now I have to spend an extra $50 per month for this new service...well I choose to do that, but we'll see how far that goes...

Scarcity and isolation...this is one of the many reasons why I want to move away.

Thursday, August 16

a pound!!

eeeeee! Another pound down the drain! That's 5 pounds total in 8 days!!! ...And I haven't even done weigh-in yet which is tomorrow! Hopefully another pound will come off by then....:) Will I once fit into my jeans again?! My prediction says VERY SOON!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I love fitting into a comfortable pair of good ol''s been awhile!!

Wednesday, August 15


Calorie count, Wednesday: 1119 (25 min. run)

I lost 2 more pounds!!! :)
Very happy that I'm finally progressing again with my weight loss. And running again too. I'm feeling much stronger physically already. Even if it is only 2 or 3 times a week. For now, I think that is all my appetite is allowed to handle.

Tuesday, August 14

Calories, Tuesday

Here are my calorie counts...

Monday: 1325
Tuesday: 1237

Monday was a bit over but still within range and I wasn't feeling good and actually did good considering when I feel like crap, I usually eat everything in sight. Tuesday was sort of a travel day so it's a bit over too, but hardly and I say that that was pretty good too as I usually eat everything also when I'm travelling!

Come to think of it...there are plenty more 'situations' where I just feel the need to 'eat everything'! I guess I better take a second look at that habit :P

In the green!!!

Alright!!! So our bank appointment went awesome!! They even gave us what we originally asked for...which was a bit higher than our settled appraised value.

So now we're just waiting for the lawyer to get the show on the road and the money to be transfered!! Should take a week or so for everything to be finalized. And then we can start saving some serious moolah!! And we get to also pay off our vehicle!! Whoot-whoot!!!

Monday, August 13

oh yeah...vitamins! do I feel sick. Sore throat, headache, achy muscles...

It all started with extra tiredness and achy muscles this morning and I thought that was just from my run...but then had this yucky throat thing and then started to get sore and now I have a booming headache too. So I've realized that I have forgotton to start taking my regular vitamins again since reducing my calorie intake...just in case I start missing certain vitamins and you know, chances go up of catching something yucky if you're deficient.

In any case, I should be taking them. So I popped my regular multi-vitamin and half a calcium pill at lunch...and found a stash of fisherman's friend in my drawer for my throat and will try to deal with this blah-ness as far as I can.

Anyhow, I hope I feel better by tomorrow...we're driving 2 1/2 hours to the other town for a bank appointment regarding our consolidation. Yes, we live in the boonies as that bank is not in this town (another one is).

So anyways, wish us luck with that bank thing and hopefully I'm feeling better...since I started taking my vitamins today.

Oh my

Oh my gosh, how time beautifully though :)

I am saddened yet so happy to realize that my baby girl, Brooklyn, will be turning 1 years old on September 6th!! That is 4 weeks away!!!! Oh wow, she is growing up so beautifully...and FAST!! Oh, I am going to cry...a happy cry though. this is what it is like being a parent...mixed emotions of happy and sad?! But ultimately, it feels like a joy nonetheless. Utter love...

Sunday, August 12


Ok so anyways, here is my updated calorie intakes for the weekend...I did pretty good considering my husband tried to sabatoge me yesterday by buying 2 bags of chips and my friends were supposed to have a bbq...but luckily I only ended up eating my hubby's small bag of chips and also that, with the bad weather, the bbq was cancelled and we only went for coffee.


Friday: 1253
Saturday: 1400
Sunday: 1148 (25 min. run)

Pretty good considering it was my first weekend back on the bandwagon and those damn chips!! It's amazing what you can really do with will-power and once you put your mind to something...and all the bases are (almost) covered.

And I already feel SO much better physically and mentally too...and it hasn't even been a full week. I really missed feeling this good and now that I'm going to stick to this for good, I know I'm gonna feel so much better with myself in the long run. Being healthy has so much benefits :)

Anyhoo, I'm tired and going to spend some time with my hubby.
Ciao for now!

Friday, August 10

Friday, August 10th: Weigh-in = 173lbs

I lost 2 lbs!!! YAYAYA!!

Ok, so when I started this official 'diet' thing or 'way of life' and healthy eating, as I like to call it, I weighed 175lbs...that is after gaining about 5 lbs since know, holidays and all will do that to a person.

So starting on Tuesday, I weighed 175, and my weigh-in today has me at a loss of 2 lbs!!! Whoohoo! And this is even with my disastrous overload of calories on Wednesday. So now, I'm at 173. Progress is being made!

So I've decided, that I am going to be posting my calorie intake on most days or collectively at the end of the week with my weigh-in (on Fridays) just so I can visualize my progress. I find that this helps to motivate me a bit more.

My range is supposed to be ~1200-1400. However, I am just using 1200 as a base and trying not to go over much anyways. Trust me, I'm not starving. I eat gradually all day, all kinds of good things.

So calorie intakes for this week are:

Tuesday = 1148 (25 min. run)
Wednesday = 2028
Thursday = 1059 (24 min. run)

Friday is supposed to be ~1222 but I won't post it yet as the day is not over yet.

And I realize that on some days my calorie intake is a bit on the low side and not quite reaching 1200, but I often find that I'm really not that hungry when I actually sit down and think about it.

But if I start finding that I am not losing any weight (if it's at a stand-still) I will add a few more snacks or items into my diet to up my calorie intake by a bit in order to boost my metabolism...but so far, so good :)

And on that note: I WILL do good this weekend and keep within range!! It is very necessary!!

Thursday, August 9

Family reunion

Well we went to a family reunion the other weekend and it was lots of fun! Brooklyn sure had fun playing with all the kids and seeing all the people! She had a blast!

However, it's interesting how when you grow up and get older, you become more aware of the actual family dynamics and even become apart of them. Not really like when you're younger and you just, for the most part, do what you're told and go off and play. When you're older and have your own family established you become apart of the main adult involvement and dynamics. And sometimes those dynamics leave a lot to be desired...well you catch my drift.

I gotta quit this for today. That's already 4 postings today! Holy, from NO posting for like 5 months to 4 in one day! Quite the switch around! haha! Well, that does sound a lot like!

She is such a cutie ;)

Here Brooklyn is, just yappin' away!
I couldn't imbed the video on here for some reason...still trying to figure it out.

My beautiful baby girl :)

I love this little rascal ;)

I ate like a COW!


Last nite was not appetite was ferocious and I ate anything I could get my hands on! And it's a good thing there were no chips or junkfood in the house, so instead I went for the popcorn with butter and also a bowl of cheerios with milk!! Doesn't sound so bad (except the butter)...well this was AFTER my supper! Oh and I almost forgot about that rice pudding, loaded with tonnes of sugar, I'm sure! Yeah, I know...bad, eh?! hehe!

However, I do realize that usually a day after a run, I am usually a bottomless pit and so I need to learn all over again how to control my hunger on these days after a run...and getting my body used to eating smaller meals. And so it's back to chewing gum and reading a book or crocheting after supper in order to forget those nasty hunger pangs! And NO eating after 7pm!!

So anyhow, today I feel like a big, fat CHUBBY butt!! lol! But I won't let that get me down...initially after eating all that food, I had decided not to go for my planned run today or even ever until after I lose 15 pounds first...but I've decided, more rationally today, not to let that ruin my need (yes, I am crazy) to run. It makes for a speedy leaning down of the muscles, faster fat loss and relatively fast weight loss (when you manage to eat properly at the same time). And it's also a good stress reliever and time to think/time to myself sort of thing. And I'm so much happier's a total dopamine booster!! Better than wine, and ALOT less calories too! Oh and no hangover symptoms! lol!

So I will go on my run tonite...and tomorrow is Friday...the weekends are also usually bad for junkfood crazes. But I WILL NOT give in! Just think of a healthier, happy more comfortable self and happy mom to my darling girl! It usually helps me to try on my old, pre-pregnancy 'skinny' clothes to see if I can fit them...of course I don't but it's nice to feel the progress of gradually fitting into them...have to make this a daily or every second day ritual again! Motivation people!!

So this weekend, wish me luck!! I will need it! The first weekend back on the official bandwagon, is always the HARDEST!!! But I have the POWER!! I CAN AND WILL DO IT!! ROAR! hehe! Who wants to feel physically sick anyways after eating junkfood??! It always happens to me and I don't like it anymore...YUCK! No thanks!

Wednesday, August 8


I need to lose my remaining 15 pre-pregnancy weight pounds...and then some!

Starting yesterday!! It is official and I am once again determined to continue this journey of health and happiness and not to mention being comfortable in my own skin along with a good pair of jeans! And this blog will help me to lose those pounds, plus a few more.

But first, I need to start with the first 5's easier that way to focus on the little things and not the big (30 lbs) picture...that's how I did it (lost 40 lbs) before I became preggo!

So, yesterday I was right on spot for my 1200 calorie intake and went for a 25 minute run after supper on my treadmill. It was slow but steady. That way I don't get injured with the extra 30 pounds I have on my knees! I need to stay within my caloric range of 1200-1400 because that is my problem...I can exercise all day but I can also eat all day too...mind you I do, in fact, eat all day (every few hours) which I find helps more with weight loss as well as hunger...but the amount and choice of food is more important. So that needs to be balanced out. I also need to add more protein and fibre into my diet.

I LOVE diet diary from Calorie King...the palm pilot version since I carry my palm everywhere and keep track of whatever I eat. It's super great and handy!!

Anywho, I will weigh myself of Friday to see if I've lost anything...pray for me!! Although I realize it may take a week or two for my body to adjust to all the (healthy) changes...and I realize that...and must be patient and NOT GIVE UP!!! I did it before and I WILL do it again!! ROAR!! lol!

Friday, July 27

Shop till I drop...or rather till I break the bank.

Well it's been awhile since I posted anything on here...been busy working...and on vacation...and shopping online :S eeek!

Yeah...I have been busy spending ALOT of money after our holidays (well ok, even during them!) online! I've discovered a lot of great online stores as well as adding to my debt load and VISA bills!!! ikes!

So anyways, I've decided to cool it for a bit on the online shopping spree and become determined enough to pay off those bills...and maybe post a few more raves and rants on here to help keep me pre-occupied as opposed to my online binges! Maybe post a few good online stores for YOU to become obssessed with! lol!

Oh yeah, and I've googled shopaholic (because I was aware that I was running into a serious problem) and came across 'postpartum shopaholic-ness' I figured out that that is my problem. Sounds very reasonable and exactly like my current's a good excuse anyways :P hehe!

So maybe I'll see you around (whoever you are; I know Kate is one of you...hehe) here alot more in the near future!

Friday, May 4

Monday work

So I start work on Monday!! OMG! I'm not nervous so much about work, as I've worked there before and it will just be like resuming what I was previously doing before Baby girl. But I'm really nervous about leaving Brooklyn home all day with someone else! We did find a babysitter to come to our home and look after her and she seems like a really nice girl. But before we found someone, I was up at 3am the other nite with Brooklyn fussing and I got her to go back to bed an hour later...but do you think I could go back to sleep? No way. Tossed and turned for 2 hours before finally getting up at 6am! But now that we've found someone, I'm just worried about other things like if Baby girl will stay on her current schedule, if she'll get scared of this other girl, if she'll miss me, how we're going to keep nursing, or how we're going to wean a few feedings during the day...ahhhh! Yeah too much to worry about and I guess it will all come together when the time comes right?! And I'm sure it will all work out ok; mothers have been known to go back to work and leave their kids with babysitters everyday in this world...I just have to convince myself of that! hehe!

But anyways, now that we'll be bringing in more money as a family, we're looking into touching up a few things in the house so that if we sell it in the near future, it will be more marketable. We'll probably be getting rid of all the rug upstairs (our bedrooms are all rug-free but our living room, dining room and hallway are rugs) and put in some laminate flooring that will be on sale this weekend. Also, we will probably freshen up our kitchen by putting in some new countertop arburite (sp?) in a darker, stone colour so that it pops out against our light, ivory cabinets and white walls; this would also cover up gross stains and blemishes in the existing, old, old countertop that we have now. And for our smaller-sized kitchen, arburite will be relatively cheaper and also easier for JD to install...basically just sand, cut and glue on over existing counter. And it looks decent and like real stone.

AND we'll probably be buying a new that doesn't break down while travelling!! hehe! I have the Ford 'Edge' in mind as it's a good-sized car, a perfect family vehicle for travelling and camping and just basically getting around town in. We may be going to the nearby town (one with a dealership) to go look at one very soon. We're looking to negotiate with the dealers to give us similar payments to our existing car payment so that it's not too far off our existing budget. That way we should be able to save up a bit of extra money for other investments such as future grad school for me and future schooling for Brooklyn and also retirement funds which neither of us really have but really need to get started on.

Oh, it's amazing how things can change in an instant and how now, we have the capacity to actually plan ahead a little bit better :)

Tuesday, May 1 plans often change

For the better, I might add.

Yeah, I got a job! A permanent one at that (first one ever)! It's actually my old GIS job back with the organization that I was working for while I was pregnant and they just offered me an indefinite position (permanent) as well as a 40% increase in wages...HOLA! That's more than I've EVER, EVER, EVER made!!! Yah! So how can I pass that up?! I can't!!

So me and JD are holding off moving to the city for awhile longer now and now we can actually afford to save up some money for grad school in the near future and maybe even for retirement (or to start).

And also, we have to find a babysitter...first time ever! Oh, It's so nerve-wracking! I've been with Brooklyn for 8 months straight and I'm kinda nervous about leaving her with someone else! Oh well, I guess this feeling is normal and I suppose I'll get over it...I hope we find someone really good with babies!! Wish us luck!

Well, I guess good things do happen to good people! But in the meantime, I've learnt to always stay positive and make the best of any situation. That is the only way to be happy :D


Friday, April 27

Things are great! It's SPRINGTIME!!

So yeah it's spring and things have been so much better and's so nice to finally get out of the house! Now I know that being couped up all day, every day is not the funnest thing!

As for the topic of moving, it's a go...we decided that after our holidays in June we will put our house up for sale and hopefully be able to sell it. And move to the city in the fall sometime before I start school again in January. JD has been really supportive and understands that we all gotta sacrifice certain things as that is what being a family and being together is all that is a nice change. I think having a baby has made him realize a few things and maybe look to the future a bit more clearly or atleast want to plan for it a little bit more now. It's nice to not have to fight for this type of change (moving), as that is what I'm used to doing with him.

And IT'S SPRING, IT'S SPRING!!! I love it! We are outside walking everyday and I even started (slowly, very slowly) running outside in the early mornings! And so far have lost 49lbs since being pregnant...mind you that includes the baby weight and where I was at my heaviest at 9 months along! So I've come along way and Brooklyn is 8 months old soon so not bad at all! I only have 11 more pounds to be back at my pre-preggo weight (the heavier one after a 10lb gain after x-mas hehe). So ultimately about 20lbs to go to get to my pre-christmas and pre-preggo state...not bad I must say! I had a whole month set-back last month where I sorta gave up but I'm back on track and focused and just starting to become happy with myself and my body once again...and to me, that's when I find that my goals and my positive changes become easier and more attainable to achieve. When I'm content with myself. I'm happy to say that I am now, finally once again :D

And I'm also happy to say that I'm finally content with staying at home this summer with my baby girl! We are gonna have so much fun playing outside all summer and seeing her learn new things in the sun!!

Oh happy days! Springtime, with a sense of newness, and contentness with oneself and one's family! That's what it's all about, folks! Cheers!!

Thursday, April 12

Movin' on

As I mentioned earlier...overqualified and a town where there is virtually no fulltime work. That's the story of my life livin' up here.

But it really is time to move on...I'm kinda sad in a way...I grew up here and thought I could stay and make it work and raise my family here...but now I realize moving on is the best thing for me and my family. And although I feel sad, I'm also excited for the new things that await us.

And I've been noticing at the same time...that it's all very interesting after having a baby, to watch the friends that are supportive and the ones that are well...just absent. Even after continuous efforts on my part, the absentee friends remain non-responsive. Oh well...some people change and grow up and some people don't I guess. I guess that is all apart of having different priorities and the friendships naturally growing apart so that new friendships can form with other people. But needless to say, it is quite interesting to watch happen to yourself. Don't get me wrong, I'm not devastated by it. In fact, it's more relief than anything...because I know I'm worth it and don't want to waste my energy on people who don't have 'time' for me anymore. It's just a connection that I've recently made and I'm treating it more like I'm cleaning out my cluttered closet with the things, or people, that I don't need anymore. Plus, you can't please everyone and there is nothing more draining than trying to keep your friends that are just not interested anymore.

And so, with this revelation, I whole-heartedly admire the friends that, even after you having a baby, still make an honest effort to keep in touch and who don't treat you like you have a disease or are someone completely different from before the baby. I call those true friends. Those are the people I want to be friends with!

Thursday, April 5

Scattered! But slowly getting somewhere...

Ok, so if you could look into my brain, you would see alot of clutter lately. I look back on my posts and it is very cluttered. But ultimately looks like a cycle of emotions.

Anyhow, me and JD have discussed some life alterations/situations and have come to the conclusion of moving to the big city so that I can finish my masters degree and also go where the jobs and accessibility would understand if you knew how much really is (or isn't) available here in this small town which is like 1000km away (minimum) from any city or good services.

So I will likely post another post next week...but for now, we are getting ready to drive those 1000km's away this weekend to visit the 'big' city south (it's actually a small one). This is our weekend getaway and yearly spending spree on things that we need that we cannot get here (mostly everything).

Wish us luck in that we don't break down again like last weekend on another trip to a small, northern city!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the whole 10 hour drive!!

Wednesday, March 21

My rings :)

The first 2 are the ones that I got first, but a little too big. The second 2 rings are the ones that I just got in the mail today and fit great! The rest, I am still waiting for...eeee! I know, lots of reddish tone rings, but that is my fave colour du jour!

My new hobby...ring collecting

I LOVE rings...big chunky, colourful rings! It all started in university when I noticed a good friend wearing a really nice, chunky silver I bought one and then two and so on; just mainly silver rings though...and then when I was in Greece I bought a big, cheap, plastic, chunky, red saddle ring but it looked so HOT and I loved it so much and wore it ALL the time...And then I lost it last year! I've been forever trying to find it hoping that it is still around somewhere but to no avail...

And then while browsing on the internet a few weeks ago, I found a website that sold funky, glass rings...and I ordered 2 (from Italy, crazy me!) and they arrived but were too big! I still kept them and will have to wear a small band behind them so that I can wear them as they too expensive to return and too nice to give away; hehe!

And so I kept searching around online and have now found a whole bunch of sites to buy rings from! Yeah, I know...UH-OH! This is unfortunate for my wallet, hehe! So my latest shopping spree has just ended (I had to force myself! hehe) and I will post pics of my newly acquired rings soon! I just got two in the mail today and they fit so nicely and look so funky!

Ok, now I gotta get rid of this "shopper's high" and go drink some coffee or something!

Tuesday, March 20

The Muppet Personality Test

You Are Animal

A complete lunatic, you're operating on 100% animal instincts.

You thrive on uncontrolled energy, and you're downright scary.

But you sure can beat a good drum.

"Kill! Kill!"

Haha! Sure sounds like me!
Try it out; it's pretty funny!
JD was the Swedish Chef! LOL! That's SO him!

Tuesday, March 13

Skinny clothes

Wow, I'm up and at'em before baby girl this morning...well I guess with a huge thirst issue and a super duper headache, I couldn't get back to sleep after feeding here I am clunking away at the computer and listening to the silent hum of the flourescent lights in the kitchen.

So anyhow, now that I've had some Ibruprofen and a glass of water, I'd better get to the story at hand...I FINALLY fit some of my skinny clothes yesterday!! Whooohooo!

I had a rough week last week with eating and also started running again a few times so I think I was retaining water really well and didn't lose any pounds by Friday. Needless to say, this got me really annoyed and I just gorged on Saturday, eating anything I could get my hands on! But thankfully, I then came to my senses on Sunday and resumed normal eating habits and went for another run. And even though I didn't lose any weight, I do feel smaller and less fatty in the middle area and am thinking that this is the effect of running.

I've been somewhat of a runner for a few years now but have had a good break lately and since being pregnant I've aquired a never-before, Michelin-sized tire around my middle zone. Figuring that it would not go away, I've just been focusing on eating healthy to lose weight. But now that I've added a little bit of running, I'm starting to think that it might go away with a little more running and hence 'sculpting' of the tire. hehe! Cool idea.

So yeah, I tried some of my 'skinny' clothes on yesterday and was able to button or zip some of them up, YAH! I wouldn't wear them out in public just yet, as having witnessed a muffin top, but hey, its a step forward and I know that day is coming pretty damn soon!

And about that 10lb goal by the end of March...I think I have 5 or so pounds to go which is pretty decent and still do-able.

Friday, March 9

Daily Affirmations...

I am healthy, I have a beautiful family, I live in a great country, I drink great coffee always and I have been blessed with great family and is, for the most part, excellent!

Perspective is, as someone said, "like a great big paintbrush that colours each and every situation we are in."

(This is me, trying to psych myself out and not think of the all the negatives mainly related to job am I doing?! hehe)

Tuesday, March 6

First Tooth!!

My oh my...just a bundle of firsts these last 2 weeks! Her first word, her first sleep in her crib (at nite time), her first solid foods and now her FIRST TOOTH!!

I was playing with Brooklyn on the floor this afternoon and took her soother out of her mouth (I've been quite annoyed that she's taken so quickly to it this past week and gets fussy without it) and she grabbed my finger and stuck it in her mouth and I felt a tooth on the bottom just cutting the gums!! Sharp little sucker! So I figure that's why she's been favouring the soother for the first time ever...because she is teething and it comforts her!!

Oh and she bit me a few times last nite while nursing and the second time, I yelped and she got startled and started crying. Today she wanted to bite me (I could tell by the mischevious look in her eyes hehe) but I said no biting and she just looked at me trying to decide what to do.

So marks another mile in her little 6 month life :)

Sunday, March 4

Sunday Snoozin'

He wouldn't come in...just relaxing under the tree on a cold winter's day :)

Thursday, March 1

Philosophy of Life

After going through a day (or two) full of unrelenting and uncommon feelings of anxiety, I found this on a friends' website. I'm sure she got it from somewhere else, like maybe the Dalai Lama or Confucius...?

May I always have Love in my Heart,
Compassion in my Actions,
Common Sense in my Mind,
And Courage in my Soul.

Now if I can just remember this EVERY day...

Tuesday, February 27


Well I'm down 15 lbs since January 1st and 3 lbs since I started my self-challenge post (to lose 10 lbs by March) a week or so ago. That is pretty good progress I must say, when I put it into those terms...I must be doing something right.

So I guess I now only have 7 lbs to lose until the end of March. It's do-able. I must keep on keepin' on.

Monday, February 26

Her first word!!

Brooklyn spoke her first 'word' yesterday!! eee! Oh a mother's delight! I type 'word' in quotations because her first word was actually a combination of words; it was "mama-papa". This was after JD and I repeated this over and over. We didn't expect her to say them both but after thinking about how we repeated it together-like, why wouldn't she?

It was really cute, though, after one of us said it she would just silently mouth the words at the same time that we said it...not out loud, just mouth it. And then when we got quiet for a moment (ok mom & dad! SHUT UP now! hehe), and she said "mama-papapa"!! teehee!

It was a sweet moment and after months of 'competing' with eachother and coaxing 'mama' (me) and 'papa' (JD) to her for it to be her first word, we both get to dwell in the fact she said both our 'names'! hehe! Of course this is all in fun and whatever her first word would have been, we would have, nonetheless, thought she was brilliant anyways!

So now the bad news...bad news, you ask? Well now I have to really watch my f-bombs! And that's not going to be an easy feat with my current 'trucker-mouth' tendencies!

Sunday, February 25

Clear head

Ok, in regards to Job #1 and Job #2 etc..., I think I've figured things out more concretely...I do feel that I am ready to return to work after being on maternity leave. I am coming to terms with being able to balance all the things in life that I want, including being a good mom and furthering my career.

That didn't take as long as I thought (only days) which kinda surprises me because I am usually torn with what my husband, JD, doesn't want to do as we ultimately clash on the subject of moving. But I think it helps that, since Brooklyn was born, he has actually been more open to moving so that I can finish my graduate degree (this is a new man I am seeing!) and he has ACTUALLY browsed around at some programs at the university and the trades college where we would move to in CG...this is quite a break-through for him as he's never been willing to move or go back to school, let alone even THINK about it all!!! So I give him a lot of credit for that! And after he told me that yesterday and showed me which programs he was looking into (although quite unenthused but still, he was looking!!), I got to thinking...

...We just don't have the money to move up north to YK where that gov't job is. If we moved there, we would probably try to keep our house here and so that would be like having 2 different mortgages, plus it’s colder there...and I’m not a winter person so I don't think I want to do that! hehe! And also the fact that when I moved back home here (after I got preggo) I FINALLY got a good job, and I’ve realized that that was what I've been waiting for all these years...was an opportunity here in my hometown. After all, that is why I returned to school to get a masters degree because I could not get a job here after my undergrad.

So ultimately, I figure that I will go back to work here in town to my current job. But I hope to negotiate a permanent position with them that includes an education clause, allowing me to return to and eventually finish my degree...because I also need to finish what I started, right?! hehe! And if they don't agree to that, well I'll just work and save up some money for school anyways. This decision is what makes the most sense to me and also appeals more to JD as well. That way we only have to move once and then it’s only temporarily for about a year or so. And school will cost a lot so keeping my job here will enable me to save up for all the expenses that we will incur moving to CG for a year.

So that's my decision...It's nice to have my mind made up and I'm SO glad that my husband is finally on board with me on something that is so important to me. His support means so much! It’s a happy, happy day!!

Thursday, February 22

Brooklyn, my little pianist

Here is my little 6 month old Brooklyn playing the piano. It's too cute!! I hope I can successfully link the video...yup there it is below! Man, this blogging stuff is really cool! hehe! Check out my lil' Miss Mozart!! She's just workin' it!

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Wednesday, February 21

Job 1, Job 2, Home or Grad School?

Well, I have some serious decisions to make...and of course I need to discuss them with my husband (that's always a pleasure :S). I am currently staying at home with my (almost) 6 month old daughter on 'maternity leave'. Before I got pregnant, I was attending graduate school (in another city) in my area of interest. 3 months into school and a trip home for Christmas to see my husband, I was pregnant! Nothing bad about that, it was actually the best thing to ever happen to me and us but now I am left to try and decide what to do next...I guess I am always trying to figure out what the next step is, that's just how I am.

So when I got pregnant I moved back home to my hometown to be with my husband and looked for work and accidently came across a great job in town in my field. So they gave me a contract to work with them until I had my baby and it was great working there. Now, I hear that they want me back but I am not sure if they are willing to give me a permenant position with good pay...if they don't then I was going to drag my husband and baby with me so that I can finish my graduate degree. That is difficult enough as we have a mortgage here in town and 2 dogs which makes house hunting (to rent) difficult in most places. make matters more complicated, I just applied for another similar job with the government (set for life type of job) in another city which is very expensive to live in. The pay and benefits are great and I'd be working in the top place for Geomatics in my area. Mind you, I still need to get an interview but I think my chances are really good...but I guess, until then...

So...yeah. There are 3 choices. Actually 4 if you count the fact that I can just stay home and enjoy my time with my hubby does not like the idea of moving ANYWHERE. He has some sort of phobia against moving since he moved away from his home back East and has always been this way but now that we have a little one, he realizes that I want to move forward in my career and is attempting to be more supportive and actually consider moving. His job is sort of a dead-end type and he has had no concrete career ideas so he knows that I would like to move forward with some of my career goals and dreams before he is ready to figure out what he wants to do.

Anyhow, fun stuff...decisions. Ah well...atleast I can say that I have the luxury of having these choices. Which is a step up from a few years ago.

Tuesday, February 20

A mom needs to lose some poundage!

Ok, so I gained way too much weight while pregnant...and have been trying to lose it since Brooklyn was born 5 1/2 months ago. Ultimately, I gained about 58 lbs and so far I've lost 43 of those pounds so I have about 15 more lbs to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. Not too shabby but when considering that 25 lbs came off within the first week (obviously baby+water weight etc), it's been a slow process since. But atleast I haven't given up. Lifestyle change, right. I'll get there, it's just a struggle sometimes. Anyhow, I want to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight by atleast May and then work on losing a few more pounds after that.

So, I challenge myself to losing 10 lbs by end of March. That's 5 weeks away so its totally manageable at about 2 lbs loss per week. Yeah...That sounds like a motivation! Can I do it? Sure! We'll see...

Monday, February 19

A Mom

I am a mom. Brooklyn Abigail is my baby girl's name. She is almost 6 months old. My husband Jody is the best dad ever! I don't think we ever would have imagined how great parenthood would be. I don't think I ever imagined how much of a mommy I would love being. I am overwhelmed each time I even think of it. I will post pictures of my baby girl as soon as I figure this thing out!