Wednesday, April 30

Nip it in the bud...

So I've been having really bad gas and bloating lately and couldn't figure out why. So after a few days of examining my diet and quitting wine with my dinner (this could be it too) I may have found the 'culprit' in another food item...hopefully and fingers crossed because these stomach issues are retarded and I don't want them anymore!

So I searched online for stomach gas related to Fibre One peanut butter granola bars and found this:

And lo and behold many people with the same problems! Oh...and have a good laugh at all the comments in the bottom section of the website...some people are freakin' hilarious!! Lots of talk about farting!! LOL!!

So I think I'll stop eating them after today (I was eating one a day) and see if the issue goes away. PLEASE!! I want my red wine back! hehe!

Monday, April 28

On with the show...and the spring/summer :D

So we had another 2 weeks of BAD, cold weather...up to the -17's and snowy, blizzardy and windy!! ugh! But, cross my fingers, spring is upon us once again. Hopefully this time to stay! Time to get outside more again and get walking again. My ass is feeling too jiggly without doing so! lol!

Brooklyn is getting so big and talking so much now! Lots of gibberish but also lots of attempts at simple sentences too which is sooo cute! I love seeing her learn so much and boy is she ever talkative and definitely NOT shy! haha! Which is nice to see since both her father and I were both shy kids...lets hope she keeps some of her openness as she grows up :) Even though I don't want her to grow up! :(

My sister and her family come for a visit next week and then I head to the city (Calgary) on two separate trips right after that for 2 summer courses...I think I will save some time to do some serious shopping too on the way back! hehe! Oh I mentioned this already! Teehee, I'm so excited!!

Not much else is new around here. Just trying to get my 'skinny-on' once and for all this year...I will hopefully be at my goal weight by the end of the year; that's about 40 pounds from now...slowly but surely. And we're all just looking forward to summer! It's been a LOOONG winter and I think we all deserve a nice one this year! :D

Thursday, April 17

Breaking barriers!

So it looks like I've broken my spring sickness bug!! And as well as my weight gain and plateau bug too! I'm well on my way back to losing weight since FINALLY managing my weekends MUCH better (this followed by my 10 pound x-mas weight gain and then a 3.5 month plateau-ugh!)!!

In the past few weeks, I'm almost back down to my pre-xmas weight (168) and counting....!!! And then onwards to my pre-preggo weight (155-160) and then some more! Oi, I can't believe I let myself go like that last x-mas! NEVER AGAIN!!

On another busy note: it's gonna be a busy next couple of months for me!! I've got 2 weekend courses that I have to teach in 2 separate towns in the next few weeks. Also my sister and her family are coming down to visit in less than a month. And after that I am taking 2 graduate courses in Calgary at the end of May and beginning of June...and after that, a week of holidays in Calgary/Edmonton with Jody and Brooklyn!!

I. Can't. Wait!!!
SO. Excited.

to SHOP!!! Hee!

Tuesday, April 8

Biding my time...

Well it seems as though I'm biding my time here in the Great White North. I've finally realized that this little town that I grew up in is just not for me anymore. I've outgrown this place. There are just no jobs and even though I have a good job, it isn't challenging enough for me right now. I need something more. And most importantly, in my eyes, is the horrid costs or distance just to take a trip to the city to, say, visit other family members on the coast. And with our growing family this cost and inconvenience is just not worth it for me. That along with the feeling of being trapped in in -40/-50 mid-winter weather in a small town with expensive necessities, practically no luxuries and barely any community activities. That could suck the life out of any sane person. I know it's all how you make it but sometimes it's just more than that and there are just too many things to add to that list.

That being said, I realize I'm just not happy here. I thought I could be and believe me I've tried to make it work, living here with my family. But ultimately these things catch up to you. So I've told Jody that I can't wait 4-5 years (my original idea/plan so that he can finish his apprenticeship) and he understands, surprisingly, how I feel. I think he feels it too when I'm not happy. How could he not, I guess. So I told him next September (2009) that I want to leave and move to Calgary. So that I can finish grad school, once and for all, and he can finish his apprenticeship there too. And we can stay there for awhile and see how we like it. We would be that much closer to be able to visit his family as well. And honestly, it's smarter anyhow. I'm the money-maker in the family so it makes sense that we go somewhere where I can find more opportunities. And I know he enjoys being a mechanic so I fully support him finishing his apprentice and I think he realizes that he can pretty much work anywhere when he gets his journeyman ticket.'s either Sept 2009 or Jan 2010 before our final move. That's the current plan anyways. I've got a plan to save up some extra money before then and pray hard that we'll be able to sell the house next summer. I'm hoping the plan will stick this time. I'm really looking forward to it now that I've said it out loud and dealt with Jody and I'm finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I am in a much happier mood than I have been in awhile so this must be the right decision, right?! Well...I guess I have a year and a half to think about it anyhow, right!

March 2008 sicko!

Wow, I've been sick 4 times in the past 4 weeks! That's once a week, literally! That last post was from sickness #2! And I just got over a really horrible stomach flu (#4) yesterday. Let's hope that I won't be catching any more colds or flus for the rest of the year. I think I've paid my due!