Tuesday, January 27

Self Amusings: The Result-Part I

Funky and VERY bright.

It started chipping off pretty much immediately...
But I guess that just means that I looked extra cool, heheh!
(one can always pretend!)

Next weekend's colour: 

Miss Coald Sohr is almost gone....
She has definitely overstayed her welcome!
(she wasn't welcome to begin with, hmphh!)
So I'll soon show my face again.

And also my biceps!!!
Man, these things are getting out of hand!
Nobody better mess with me! 
Look out!
*chop! chop!*


Monday, January 26

New roommate.

Someone new moves in on Friday. 
Hopefully they are nice and perhaps even a little fun.
And clean.

Kate, my bestest roomie in the world, send some good vibes for me, will ya! ;)

Friday, January 23

Self amusings: Part deux.

Ohhh my.
I amuse myself nicely sometimes......
(either that or I'm just plain crazy, hehe)

I just recently changed my Blog Title Description  (under my Blog Title)
to eloquently and thoughtfully read: 

"Sailing a Sea of Endless Possibilities"


I am now thinking I should change it to this instead:

"What colour should I paint my nails?!"


Self amusings...

I'm trying to figure out what I'll do this weekend...
but I'm still in hiding. 
So I guess I'll just hibernate until Sunday, in the least. 
(I do need some groceries, after all)

In the meantime, what's a girl to do 
(with that annoying "friend" still hanging around)?! 
[Aside from the million and one scientificular readings, of course...]

One has to be creative whilst hibernating...
Listening and singing along to some Bob Marley and Björk.
That's a definite GO.
(Also a weird combination, but I'm all about WEIRD)

Also, maybe I'll paint my nails a funky colour.
And, hmmm...since my only two choices are funky, I guess FUNKY is a go too. 

One is a coral colour (very bright) 
and the other is a blackish colour 
(very dark and o00h, it has diamond powder and white tea extract in it! LOL)...
Polar opposites, I tell you. 

So what's it gonna be?! ;)

And... :)
A photo that a relative took at xmas time: 
My lil' Buddha. 
I love it!


Thursday, January 22

I have a visitor...

But no. Not a very welcome one. 
The 'Stress Fairy' decided to drop off a little friend just as my life was settling down again. 
Her name is Coald Sohr. 
And I don't like her very much.
And I want to hide until she goes away. 

Tuesday, January 20

Feeling somewhat myself again.

I think the title says it all.....

I admit that I had a HORRIBLE weekend; full of homesickness, boredom, anxiety, insomnia and just plain ol' zero confidence and second-guessing myself. 

But now that classes are busy, I've finally got 'work' to do to keep my mind at bay. So I am feeling almost back to my normal self, yet again. 
Thank God!!! 
I was worried for a second there that I wouldn't be able to pull myself out of my pity party. 
But I guess we all just need a few days of adjusting when we do something rash like move away from our entire family for a few months! 

Below are some AWESOME pics of my baby girl that her daddy took of her when he took her skidooing AND sliding last weekend! 
They had PERFECT weather for it all and it was a bit of a small break from -40 degree weather which they'd been having for weeks (EVERYBODY was out!)!!!

Here, it looks like she is fishing in the snow.
A future ice-fisher woman, perhaps?! hehe :)

Ready to go sliding!!

Brooklyn and her Papérè (French for grandpa; my papa/dad)

Cruisin' AND cool, skidoo-style! lol

The bestest daddy in the whole wide world with his little angel :)

Sunday, January 18

A special shop.

Here is another one of my favourite 
and most FABULOUS jewellery artists!!

I don't know who the heck reads this blog (besides 2 people, haha) 
but I just thought I'd give a shout out to one of them... :)

Emily, your work is AMAAAAZING!!!!

Here are some GORGEOUS necklaces that I got from her Etsy store,
even the one I'm wearing 
(I am now officially in love with moukaite b/c of her work):

And here are two rings of hers...the one on the left is a custom order she had done for me (breathtaking!!) 
and the one on the right is one that I snapped up in her shop...
And also my recent faaaavourite.
I've worn it almost everyday since I got it!!! 
And have gotten so many compliments on it! 

I look like a fighter, don't I!? hehe!
Well I sorta am these days..... 

Thursday, January 15


cute, fun AND informative!


Last night was my worst night yet. Long story short: I panicked about one of my courses and how much of a circus it was and I was upset because I was feeling very stupid after taking a "self assessment" test for that particular class. My heart was beating so fast that I couldn't get to bed until late.
But we actually had that class this evening and it turns out that it's not going to be as bad as I thought. 
It's just me being crazy.
I'm just a big, ball of nerves and anxiety right now. 
And probably will be until I get more into the swing of things and get a solid routine going.

As my grandparent used to say: 
You will survive. You just won't look like much. 

After all this lack of sleep and insomnia-cal tendencies, I'm guessing that one to be true! 

Here is a pic of before I left, when I was trying to take pics of me with my new, gorgeous jewellery on with Brooklyn too ... and daddy caught us (look in the background), heheh!
Awww, how I miss these guys sooo bad!

Sunday, January 11

My room is a bit cozier than the living room area...I mean it has to be if, perhaps, I get a roomie. I need a sanctuary place to cuddle up in and feel safe.
Pretty empty I know. But it does have a warmer feel to it in person. 

And... still no roommate yet.....

And .... my fabulous jewellery collection...which I couldn't live without!! :D
All beside a beautiful picture of my one true love! 

Saturday, January 10

YAYYY! It worked!!!!

And she LOVED it!!!!! 
And well...so did I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just precious!!

My new digs...

Well, I've (finally!) arrived in my campus apartment in Calgary, yesterday evening. 

No roommate. Empty apartment. 
Which I am really actually excited about...not having a roomie. I like my own space. And so hopefully it stays that way. Although it will be a bit lonelier. But classes this semester start on Monday so am still 'waiting' for someone to perhaps pop in the door. 

One problem, however, is that I expected to have a roomie who, of course in the perfect world, already had all the kitchen stuff. So since the place was seriously empty, I had to spend some un-budgeted cash on a bunch of new items for daily living. 
Oh well, such is life. It's another curve-ball but I'm sure I'll live.

JD and I discovered video chatting so that we can chat with eachother and so I can chat with my baby girl!!!!!! I'm so excited and I hope she loves it! We'll see in half an hour when we try it out with her. 
I'm hoping that he can get a better web camera on Monday so that their picture clears up a bit...with our old webcam that he's using, the picture is so grainy.

I'm also going to keep myself very busy this semester and carry on with my weight loss and fitness goal, of course. I didn't mention but by Christmas time, I was FINALLY down to my pre-preggo weight! I gained a few back during holidays but am once again back down to normal. And my sis is starting up a new program for me this month. I've also joined Pilates and Kickboxing, each once a week until the end of the semester. That should be something different paced and nice! I love both of them! 

So all that along with my full and heavy course load AND with working part time (for my job) also at the end of January/February, I should be crazy busy!! Which is good on one spectrum (won't have time to think about missing my baby) but also scary on the other side...I want to get A's this semester. So I will be working very hard for them. And they are difficult courses (Remote sensing and STATISTICS, yuck!) so wish me luck!! Also, I have still yet to confirm a concrete thesis topic...I'm halfway there but ugh...just can't seem to team up with someone who has enough data for a research project. Oh well...I'm sure it will come. Hopefully sooner than later though...

Here are some (horrible) snap shots of my place...once I get my bedroom cleaned up and sorted out, I'll post a pic of that too.

And me. 
I don't look too happy but I'm sure I'll get over it.

Thursday, January 8

Panic mode...



What the hell am I thinking????!!!
I just want to cry.
I thought it would be easier but boy was I WRONG!
I think this will be the hardest thing I will ever go through.
I just can't imagine leaving my baby girl for 4............months.
I won't be imagining that tomorrow now, will I?!
This just sucks.
A whole lot.

I am trying to remember that this is all for her to have a better life...........
But how is it better when we are apart?


Sunday, January 4

A New Year brings new possibilities.

And begins with a new, albeit, bitter-sweet journey :'(

I am back home for 5 days (which is starting off in bed due to the flu) and then I am off to finish my last semester in grad school (hopefully!). I am going to be one sad and sappy soul when I depart from my sweet baby girl and hubby on Friday for 4 months....with only one measly visit in between...I am sad to think about the 4 months of her toddler-hood that I will miss. I think denial, in such cases, is a lovely, lovely thing. And I thank god that it is only short-term.

On a fun note:
We just got back from an amazing visit.
Here are some pictures of our visit with my sister and her family.