Friday, August 31

New Research Topic!!

WHOOOHOOO!! I just got approved for my new research topic for my thesis!! And I can start on it whenever I like!

My supervisor said it sounded very exciting and meaningful and even wants to help out with the field and ground work that will, no doubt, be needed! (Note: I had to ask her whether she would be willing to take me on again as a student when I officially return to grad school in Jan09!!)

But more details later on!!! I'm just relishing in my triumph after days of feeling anxiety from waiting to hear back from her...worried about her rejection. But she's so game! And so it's a GO!!! WHOOHOO!!

Calorie catch up...and weight in

Weigh-in for today = 169 lbs: lost 1 measly pound!! Oh well, atleast I'm in another weight, I think I have more inches because my regular pants are getting pretty baggy on me, I feel like I got saggy! But still don't comfortably fit into my mid-weight jeans yet...they fit but still a bit too tight to wear them with confidence. So I guess, all in all, it's going good. Any progress in good.

And since I haven't been posting my calories lately I will post my catch-up list too. I did eat bad on a few days, in the whole, the day that I was in YK and then when I got back (emotional eating that nite). But overall, it looks not too bad.

Starting from yesterday (today has not been eaten yet) and descending to previous days:

Thursday (Aug.30): 1285 ...slightly over...found some damn ice cream :(
Wednesday: 1308 ...over
Tuesday: 1160 ...good job
Monday: 1079 ...under!
Sunday: 1222 ...good
Saturday: 2133 ...way over!
Friday: 1772 ...over...
Thursday: 1338 ....kinda over
Wednesday: 1314 ...again over
Tuesday: 1442 ...and again
Monday: 1233 ...good
Sunday: 1658 ...yup
Saturday (Aug.18): 2050 ...I guess I didn't do as great as I initially thought :(

I think Aug. 17 was my last calorie posting date...yup, so there you have it. Not too bad but could be better...I don't know why I only lost one pound :(

Oh well...keep on trucking, as they say :)
They also never said it would be easy!

Monday, August 27

I survived...

And so did my baby Brooklyn it appears, without me. And she started walking too! Boohoo!!! However, it's still just a few steps and then she wants to crawl again...and my husband diligently videotaped her first few times walking on her own so that was super nice. I just missed her SOOOOOO much!! Glad to be home now...super nice!

Monday, August 20


I'm in a hotel room in a different city for a work related conference...5 days without my baby girl...not nice.

Friday, August 17

Friday weigh-in and counts

I weighed-in Thursday morning because I was at 170...a total loss of 5 lbs. Today (Friday) I am just bloated or something...

Calorie counts:
Thursday: 1185
Friday: 1230

That is 9 straight days of not going over!!! Almost 11 days but I slipped up on the 2nd day. Regardless, I am so proud of myself; even on the weekends I am doing good...

However, tomorrow is the big 'supershaker' dance and party...of which I am attending. But I will try to stick to diet pop and rye or something low caloric. Although I feel my bottle of red wine calling my I plan on going over my range but not by too much.

Finally catching up to rest of the world...

Wow. We finally got digital cell phone service in this town...I think it's one of the very few left of the developing countries to have finally caught up :P
So now I have to spend an extra $50 per month for this new service...well I choose to do that, but we'll see how far that goes...

Scarcity and isolation...this is one of the many reasons why I want to move away.

Thursday, August 16

a pound!!

eeeeee! Another pound down the drain! That's 5 pounds total in 8 days!!! ...And I haven't even done weigh-in yet which is tomorrow! Hopefully another pound will come off by then....:) Will I once fit into my jeans again?! My prediction says VERY SOON!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I love fitting into a comfortable pair of good ol''s been awhile!!

Wednesday, August 15


Calorie count, Wednesday: 1119 (25 min. run)

I lost 2 more pounds!!! :)
Very happy that I'm finally progressing again with my weight loss. And running again too. I'm feeling much stronger physically already. Even if it is only 2 or 3 times a week. For now, I think that is all my appetite is allowed to handle.

Tuesday, August 14

Calories, Tuesday

Here are my calorie counts...

Monday: 1325
Tuesday: 1237

Monday was a bit over but still within range and I wasn't feeling good and actually did good considering when I feel like crap, I usually eat everything in sight. Tuesday was sort of a travel day so it's a bit over too, but hardly and I say that that was pretty good too as I usually eat everything also when I'm travelling!

Come to think of it...there are plenty more 'situations' where I just feel the need to 'eat everything'! I guess I better take a second look at that habit :P

In the green!!!

Alright!!! So our bank appointment went awesome!! They even gave us what we originally asked for...which was a bit higher than our settled appraised value.

So now we're just waiting for the lawyer to get the show on the road and the money to be transfered!! Should take a week or so for everything to be finalized. And then we can start saving some serious moolah!! And we get to also pay off our vehicle!! Whoot-whoot!!!

Monday, August 13

oh yeah...vitamins! do I feel sick. Sore throat, headache, achy muscles...

It all started with extra tiredness and achy muscles this morning and I thought that was just from my run...but then had this yucky throat thing and then started to get sore and now I have a booming headache too. So I've realized that I have forgotton to start taking my regular vitamins again since reducing my calorie intake...just in case I start missing certain vitamins and you know, chances go up of catching something yucky if you're deficient.

In any case, I should be taking them. So I popped my regular multi-vitamin and half a calcium pill at lunch...and found a stash of fisherman's friend in my drawer for my throat and will try to deal with this blah-ness as far as I can.

Anyhow, I hope I feel better by tomorrow...we're driving 2 1/2 hours to the other town for a bank appointment regarding our consolidation. Yes, we live in the boonies as that bank is not in this town (another one is).

So anyways, wish us luck with that bank thing and hopefully I'm feeling better...since I started taking my vitamins today.

Oh my

Oh my gosh, how time beautifully though :)

I am saddened yet so happy to realize that my baby girl, Brooklyn, will be turning 1 years old on September 6th!! That is 4 weeks away!!!! Oh wow, she is growing up so beautifully...and FAST!! Oh, I am going to cry...a happy cry though. this is what it is like being a parent...mixed emotions of happy and sad?! But ultimately, it feels like a joy nonetheless. Utter love...

Sunday, August 12


Ok so anyways, here is my updated calorie intakes for the weekend...I did pretty good considering my husband tried to sabatoge me yesterday by buying 2 bags of chips and my friends were supposed to have a bbq...but luckily I only ended up eating my hubby's small bag of chips and also that, with the bad weather, the bbq was cancelled and we only went for coffee.


Friday: 1253
Saturday: 1400
Sunday: 1148 (25 min. run)

Pretty good considering it was my first weekend back on the bandwagon and those damn chips!! It's amazing what you can really do with will-power and once you put your mind to something...and all the bases are (almost) covered.

And I already feel SO much better physically and mentally too...and it hasn't even been a full week. I really missed feeling this good and now that I'm going to stick to this for good, I know I'm gonna feel so much better with myself in the long run. Being healthy has so much benefits :)

Anyhoo, I'm tired and going to spend some time with my hubby.
Ciao for now!

Friday, August 10

Friday, August 10th: Weigh-in = 173lbs

I lost 2 lbs!!! YAYAYA!!

Ok, so when I started this official 'diet' thing or 'way of life' and healthy eating, as I like to call it, I weighed 175lbs...that is after gaining about 5 lbs since know, holidays and all will do that to a person.

So starting on Tuesday, I weighed 175, and my weigh-in today has me at a loss of 2 lbs!!! Whoohoo! And this is even with my disastrous overload of calories on Wednesday. So now, I'm at 173. Progress is being made!

So I've decided, that I am going to be posting my calorie intake on most days or collectively at the end of the week with my weigh-in (on Fridays) just so I can visualize my progress. I find that this helps to motivate me a bit more.

My range is supposed to be ~1200-1400. However, I am just using 1200 as a base and trying not to go over much anyways. Trust me, I'm not starving. I eat gradually all day, all kinds of good things.

So calorie intakes for this week are:

Tuesday = 1148 (25 min. run)
Wednesday = 2028
Thursday = 1059 (24 min. run)

Friday is supposed to be ~1222 but I won't post it yet as the day is not over yet.

And I realize that on some days my calorie intake is a bit on the low side and not quite reaching 1200, but I often find that I'm really not that hungry when I actually sit down and think about it.

But if I start finding that I am not losing any weight (if it's at a stand-still) I will add a few more snacks or items into my diet to up my calorie intake by a bit in order to boost my metabolism...but so far, so good :)

And on that note: I WILL do good this weekend and keep within range!! It is very necessary!!

Thursday, August 9

Family reunion

Well we went to a family reunion the other weekend and it was lots of fun! Brooklyn sure had fun playing with all the kids and seeing all the people! She had a blast!

However, it's interesting how when you grow up and get older, you become more aware of the actual family dynamics and even become apart of them. Not really like when you're younger and you just, for the most part, do what you're told and go off and play. When you're older and have your own family established you become apart of the main adult involvement and dynamics. And sometimes those dynamics leave a lot to be desired...well you catch my drift.

I gotta quit this for today. That's already 4 postings today! Holy, from NO posting for like 5 months to 4 in one day! Quite the switch around! haha! Well, that does sound a lot like!

She is such a cutie ;)

Here Brooklyn is, just yappin' away!
I couldn't imbed the video on here for some reason...still trying to figure it out.

My beautiful baby girl :)

I love this little rascal ;)

I ate like a COW!


Last nite was not appetite was ferocious and I ate anything I could get my hands on! And it's a good thing there were no chips or junkfood in the house, so instead I went for the popcorn with butter and also a bowl of cheerios with milk!! Doesn't sound so bad (except the butter)...well this was AFTER my supper! Oh and I almost forgot about that rice pudding, loaded with tonnes of sugar, I'm sure! Yeah, I know...bad, eh?! hehe!

However, I do realize that usually a day after a run, I am usually a bottomless pit and so I need to learn all over again how to control my hunger on these days after a run...and getting my body used to eating smaller meals. And so it's back to chewing gum and reading a book or crocheting after supper in order to forget those nasty hunger pangs! And NO eating after 7pm!!

So anyhow, today I feel like a big, fat CHUBBY butt!! lol! But I won't let that get me down...initially after eating all that food, I had decided not to go for my planned run today or even ever until after I lose 15 pounds first...but I've decided, more rationally today, not to let that ruin my need (yes, I am crazy) to run. It makes for a speedy leaning down of the muscles, faster fat loss and relatively fast weight loss (when you manage to eat properly at the same time). And it's also a good stress reliever and time to think/time to myself sort of thing. And I'm so much happier's a total dopamine booster!! Better than wine, and ALOT less calories too! Oh and no hangover symptoms! lol!

So I will go on my run tonite...and tomorrow is Friday...the weekends are also usually bad for junkfood crazes. But I WILL NOT give in! Just think of a healthier, happy more comfortable self and happy mom to my darling girl! It usually helps me to try on my old, pre-pregnancy 'skinny' clothes to see if I can fit them...of course I don't but it's nice to feel the progress of gradually fitting into them...have to make this a daily or every second day ritual again! Motivation people!!

So this weekend, wish me luck!! I will need it! The first weekend back on the official bandwagon, is always the HARDEST!!! But I have the POWER!! I CAN AND WILL DO IT!! ROAR! hehe! Who wants to feel physically sick anyways after eating junkfood??! It always happens to me and I don't like it anymore...YUCK! No thanks!

Wednesday, August 8


I need to lose my remaining 15 pre-pregnancy weight pounds...and then some!

Starting yesterday!! It is official and I am once again determined to continue this journey of health and happiness and not to mention being comfortable in my own skin along with a good pair of jeans! And this blog will help me to lose those pounds, plus a few more.

But first, I need to start with the first 5's easier that way to focus on the little things and not the big (30 lbs) picture...that's how I did it (lost 40 lbs) before I became preggo!

So, yesterday I was right on spot for my 1200 calorie intake and went for a 25 minute run after supper on my treadmill. It was slow but steady. That way I don't get injured with the extra 30 pounds I have on my knees! I need to stay within my caloric range of 1200-1400 because that is my problem...I can exercise all day but I can also eat all day too...mind you I do, in fact, eat all day (every few hours) which I find helps more with weight loss as well as hunger...but the amount and choice of food is more important. So that needs to be balanced out. I also need to add more protein and fibre into my diet.

I LOVE diet diary from Calorie King...the palm pilot version since I carry my palm everywhere and keep track of whatever I eat. It's super great and handy!!

Anywho, I will weigh myself of Friday to see if I've lost anything...pray for me!! Although I realize it may take a week or two for my body to adjust to all the (healthy) changes...and I realize that...and must be patient and NOT GIVE UP!!! I did it before and I WILL do it again!! ROAR!! lol!