Saturday, August 8


So I've finally completed my paper and edits and's handed in. Although a few days late of which I kinda got crap for. And now I'm not sure if it will officially be marked. Hopefully it will. Just a little slap on the hand, right. Rightly deserved, I feel pretty crappy about it.
But oh well. The stress is gone for now. It was bad. Lots of things are going on so needless to say I've been super stressed. Will post more about the shenanigans later on.

In any case, here are some fun pics of our trip to the lake last weekend...unfortunately we didn't stay long. The bugs were HORRENDOUS!!! But it was fun while it lasted and good to get out and do some family things.

Gassing up the truck.

Driving to the lake.

We, of course, came across a few buffalo.

And finally at the lake!!

I just wish the bugs weren't so crazy up here.
Ah well...such is life while living in the North.

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bella-bijoujewellery said...

Vita those buffalo are incredible!
Im glad you had a little time to get away with the family - dont sweat it too much about the little slap on the wrist, Im sure you will get an excellent mark!