Wednesday, March 21

My rings :)

The first 2 are the ones that I got first, but a little too big. The second 2 rings are the ones that I just got in the mail today and fit great! The rest, I am still waiting for...eeee! I know, lots of reddish tone rings, but that is my fave colour du jour!

My new hobby...ring collecting

I LOVE rings...big chunky, colourful rings! It all started in university when I noticed a good friend wearing a really nice, chunky silver I bought one and then two and so on; just mainly silver rings though...and then when I was in Greece I bought a big, cheap, plastic, chunky, red saddle ring but it looked so HOT and I loved it so much and wore it ALL the time...And then I lost it last year! I've been forever trying to find it hoping that it is still around somewhere but to no avail...

And then while browsing on the internet a few weeks ago, I found a website that sold funky, glass rings...and I ordered 2 (from Italy, crazy me!) and they arrived but were too big! I still kept them and will have to wear a small band behind them so that I can wear them as they too expensive to return and too nice to give away; hehe!

And so I kept searching around online and have now found a whole bunch of sites to buy rings from! Yeah, I know...UH-OH! This is unfortunate for my wallet, hehe! So my latest shopping spree has just ended (I had to force myself! hehe) and I will post pics of my newly acquired rings soon! I just got two in the mail today and they fit so nicely and look so funky!

Ok, now I gotta get rid of this "shopper's high" and go drink some coffee or something!

Tuesday, March 20

The Muppet Personality Test

You Are Animal

A complete lunatic, you're operating on 100% animal instincts.

You thrive on uncontrolled energy, and you're downright scary.

But you sure can beat a good drum.

"Kill! Kill!"

Haha! Sure sounds like me!
Try it out; it's pretty funny!
JD was the Swedish Chef! LOL! That's SO him!

Tuesday, March 13

Skinny clothes

Wow, I'm up and at'em before baby girl this morning...well I guess with a huge thirst issue and a super duper headache, I couldn't get back to sleep after feeding here I am clunking away at the computer and listening to the silent hum of the flourescent lights in the kitchen.

So anyhow, now that I've had some Ibruprofen and a glass of water, I'd better get to the story at hand...I FINALLY fit some of my skinny clothes yesterday!! Whooohooo!

I had a rough week last week with eating and also started running again a few times so I think I was retaining water really well and didn't lose any pounds by Friday. Needless to say, this got me really annoyed and I just gorged on Saturday, eating anything I could get my hands on! But thankfully, I then came to my senses on Sunday and resumed normal eating habits and went for another run. And even though I didn't lose any weight, I do feel smaller and less fatty in the middle area and am thinking that this is the effect of running.

I've been somewhat of a runner for a few years now but have had a good break lately and since being pregnant I've aquired a never-before, Michelin-sized tire around my middle zone. Figuring that it would not go away, I've just been focusing on eating healthy to lose weight. But now that I've added a little bit of running, I'm starting to think that it might go away with a little more running and hence 'sculpting' of the tire. hehe! Cool idea.

So yeah, I tried some of my 'skinny' clothes on yesterday and was able to button or zip some of them up, YAH! I wouldn't wear them out in public just yet, as having witnessed a muffin top, but hey, its a step forward and I know that day is coming pretty damn soon!

And about that 10lb goal by the end of March...I think I have 5 or so pounds to go which is pretty decent and still do-able.

Friday, March 9

Daily Affirmations...

I am healthy, I have a beautiful family, I live in a great country, I drink great coffee always and I have been blessed with great family and is, for the most part, excellent!

Perspective is, as someone said, "like a great big paintbrush that colours each and every situation we are in."

(This is me, trying to psych myself out and not think of the all the negatives mainly related to job am I doing?! hehe)

Tuesday, March 6

First Tooth!!

My oh my...just a bundle of firsts these last 2 weeks! Her first word, her first sleep in her crib (at nite time), her first solid foods and now her FIRST TOOTH!!

I was playing with Brooklyn on the floor this afternoon and took her soother out of her mouth (I've been quite annoyed that she's taken so quickly to it this past week and gets fussy without it) and she grabbed my finger and stuck it in her mouth and I felt a tooth on the bottom just cutting the gums!! Sharp little sucker! So I figure that's why she's been favouring the soother for the first time ever...because she is teething and it comforts her!!

Oh and she bit me a few times last nite while nursing and the second time, I yelped and she got startled and started crying. Today she wanted to bite me (I could tell by the mischevious look in her eyes hehe) but I said no biting and she just looked at me trying to decide what to do.

So marks another mile in her little 6 month life :)

Sunday, March 4

Sunday Snoozin'

He wouldn't come in...just relaxing under the tree on a cold winter's day :)

Thursday, March 1

Philosophy of Life

After going through a day (or two) full of unrelenting and uncommon feelings of anxiety, I found this on a friends' website. I'm sure she got it from somewhere else, like maybe the Dalai Lama or Confucius...?

May I always have Love in my Heart,
Compassion in my Actions,
Common Sense in my Mind,
And Courage in my Soul.

Now if I can just remember this EVERY day...