Wednesday, February 25

Feverish times.

Wow, I just came back from waiting 2 hours 
to see a doctor at the health clinic (walk-in)...
At about the 1.5 hour mark, just as I was gonna get up and leave 
 they called my name. 
Luckily I stayed for longer than normal 
(I usually leave thinking that I'm over-reacting anyways and 
that the dr. is just gonna shuffle me along saying all I have is a cold) 
because she diagnosed me with a blasted sinus infection and have been, 
unknowingly walking around for 5 days with a low-grade fever
(I knew I was sweating profusely for a reason)
Don't get me wrong, I am feeling the pain...
my sinus and head feel like they're gonna explode.

I mean, I knew I was freakin' exhausted when I would walk from A to B 
(room to kitchen) 
but didn't realize I still had a honkin' fever. 
Am on the meds now...
haven't been on antibiotics in a long while. 
Which is probably a good thing. 
Gotta keep that to a bare minimum.

In other feverish news, despite my sickness 
(and previously posted procrastination),
I managed to whither down my "to-do" list to just 15 items!!!
And I even got one crossed off it's at 14 things only now!!

Here it is: 
(I love leaving cryptic stuff on here, hehe)

Tuesday, February 24


You CANNOT get sushi up North.
Well not in my small town anyways.
So this is a heavenly treat for me!!!!

(and no wonder I'm a freakin' procrastinator today!! 
My list, on the right side of the pic, is up to #36....and counting. 
Well ok, a few ARE crossed off.)

And now for tea-time!
Having some double spiced chai black tea after my yummy supper.
It's a very good, spicy tea!
And it's in my new U of C mug.

Someday I will come back to live here.
To live beside the mountains.

Procrastination: survival, ethics or craziness?

There must be a reason why God invented procrastination...did we need it to survive in the good ol' caveman days? Is it our bodies way of letting us know that we are overloaded with information or just plain bored?! I, myself, do not like procrastinating. I am, however, wonderfully skilled at it! Sometimes, though, I surprise myself. But usually only in times when I REALLY feel the pressure and the anxiety about getting things done/deadlines etc. 

For example, I came back to Calgary on Friday sick as a dog...but felt utterly panicked and worked like said dog on Saturday and Sunday from 9am till 11 or 12 pm both nites. On Monday, an exam was postponed (thank goodness!) and I also requested and extension for an assignment that I am nowhere near completed due to trying to complete the other gazillion assignments that I have due (which are, thankfully, near completed). 

So what do I go and do after the aforementioned extensions and delays?? Of course, try to use that same work ethic that I used on Saturday and Sunday. But, nooo. I allow myself to drift off into la-la land! I mean, look at I am posting away on blogspot when I should be working on my stats synopsis...I've wasted an hour or three...maybe it's burnout, maybe it's nature, maybe it's boredom, maybe it's insanity (like really, how do these universities expect you to joyfully cram all that information in a few months time!?)?! Who knows. All I know is that I gotta get on that roll again! 


Monday, February 23

Some randoms.

New necklace and ring from Endangered Creations

New ring (my faaaaave colour!!!) from The Noisy Plume.
(Hiding my calloused nostrils from blowing my nose too much. Just lovely, right?)

B hanging out in her jammies using dad's legs as a hammock! heheh
(from last week when I was home)

A surprise Valentine's gift from my in-law's! 
They made my month by sending me this photo frame! 
How they could remember me during this difficult time 
(father-in-law is getting radiation treatments) 
is incredible and beyond any compassion I've ever felt!
Such special people!

My custom "Brooklyn" ring from Emily.
Very special, this piece!
(yeah I know, shoulda took that blasted wrist brace off! haha)

My big fat ring collection from Jessi Taylor's store.

And just showing you what I've been living off of for the last few days 
(that and chicken noodle soup!) 
And also showcasing my new lovely ring from Sunny Rising Metal.

Friday, February 20

Back at bootcamp!

Omg, I made it back in one day!
I was up and away at 5am.
What is supposed to normally be a 17/18 hour drive...
I made it in 15 hours....


Please don't tell my dad.

I didn't drive crazy fast...
I just didn't stop any longer than 5-10 min 
at any given gas station (6 to be exact).
I only stopped long enough to furiously gas up 
and go potty. 
(whaat!?! we are doing potty-raining with Miss Buddha!)

And I am sick as a dog too (again). 
I just downed my deliciously, medicated mug of NeoCitrin
and am heading STRAIGHT to bed at this fine hour of 9:14 pm!

So back at it tomorrow, I am...

And I have a gazillion things to do...
A gazillion papers to read AND write AND analyse! 
I am feeling the panic!
This is gonna be one crazy week!

Saturday, February 14

Happy Valentine's!!

Me: at home & content

My 2 Wonderful Valentine's Day Sweethearts

Happiness is...

Wednesday, February 11

Going HOME!!!

I'm sooooooooo excited!!!!!!

I head home in t-minus 9 hours!!!!
To the airport in 7!!

I've never been so elated!!!
I can't wait to hug and squeeze my little girl to bits!!
I arrive just in time for dinner.
Then me and Boo are gonna hang out ALLLL day on Friday.
Just me and her :)

Home truly is where the heart is.

Sunday, February 8

Tune time :)

I love music.
It is a healer.
It is a mood-swinger.
And Lord knows I'm in need of some healing and 
mood-swinging these days! 

I listen to ALL kinds.
You'd, perhaps, be scared to look at my range.
Or atleast, you'd probably get a headache.

From Metallica (thanks to big brothers)
to Delerium (thanks to the discovery of meditation)
to Randy Travis (thanks to dads)
to Hole (thanks to anger)
to Ravi og DJ Løv, Norwegian rappers (thanks to living abroad)
to Bob Marley (thanks to Hawaii)
and let's not forget 
The Tragically Hip (thank you Canada!)!

Anyhow, here is a list from some of my current iTunes happenings: 

1. Carly Rae Jepson (!!!)
2. Kings of Leon
3. Sarah McLachlan
4. Jem
5. Metric
6. Our Lady Peace
7. Kate Nash
8. M.I.A
9. Santogold
10. NIN

Friday, February 6

Matching accessories

Look at my new ring from the noisyplume!!
What a beauty!!!
It even matches my wrist brace!
Which is NOT a beauty but currently a necessity
I swear this city gives me carpel tunnel/tennis elbow every time I come here!

Taking a break from typing and wearing another 
beauteous turquoise ring from Endangered Creations...
I love her colourful beadwork and metalwork combinations!!

Here is what I've been working on lately....
some remote sensing analysis.
I am done the analysis but am still trying 
to finish writing this paper up! ugh!
Usually this is the part that I enjoy...
but boy, does the procrastination bug 
ever like to take over me until the deadline date looms over me
like a heavy snowfall!

The snowfall arrives on Monday....

Wednesday, February 4

Homesick city.

She asked where I was...
JD told her I was at school in the city.
She said she wants to go to the city.

She's so tall now.

I am just sick of it all...
Really I am.
I am SO OVER living the student life.
And having a roommate.

She is totally nice and all...
But it's the little things that tend to annoy.
And there are just so many...

I miss my home life.

8 more days and I get to go home for a week.
Can't freakin' wait.

I need to get out of here....

I need to watch a funny movie.