Wednesday, June 24

How does your garden grow?

I meant to post these earlier but Jody took the 
camera with him when he went back to NFLD.

Planting flowers in my pitiful "sand-dune" in early June...
It was definitely a late start to the planting season this year with the frosts
continuing well into the first week of June!

Watering the grass:

My little gardener :)

This picture was taken just before 10pm in mid-June.

Summer solstice was on June 21, a few days ago.
Days (daylight I mean) will be getting shorter again now...

Over indulgence?!


Is this bad?!
(NOTE: this doesn't even include my earrings!)

PS-I'm now on a budget...I SWEAR it this time! 
I have to pick and choose my battles now 
and therefore admire everything else from afar...

Window shopping isn't so bad, right?! ;)

Tuesday, June 23


Certain things become quite apparent, in times of need.
Like realizing friends who are really there for you...
And friends who just aren't and basically haven't been for years.
Friends who are too self-involved and basically just "takers".

This reality check has been brewing in my head for years and only now has come to tilt.

It's sad to say, but sometimes friendships that have lasted for decades are no longer relevant or functional or relational. It will be sad to "say good-bye", once I finally decide to (I'm still waiting to feel rational again and not so angry anymore), but sometimes a good-bye is needed in order to move on so that more healthy and functional relationships can evolve in it's place. 

On a brighter note: I am SUPER happy that I have my little family together again and all back home now.

Friday, June 19

It's been a trying and lonely week without JD and most other family members out of town. 
But I did have my puppy to protect me at night. 

Wellll ok.....he is kind of a sook!

Tuesday, June 16

Poppy and his girl.

We will miss him with all of our hearts.

Monday, June 15

The Summer of Paper Writing.

No vacation for me this summer. Just a solid bout of paper-writing, working full-time and hopefully getting some nice weekends at the lake (or river) with my beautiful family.

Also planting some flowers tonite....I need my front yard "flower bed garden" to look like a flower bed garden and NOT like a weed-infested jungle!!! OY! THANKFULLY there were pre-planted flowers at the stores this weekend!! --This town is so scary in that department! I almost thought I was going to have to live with my weedy jungle out front this summer! My neighbours would have been giving me the evil eye through all of July & August!!

Anyhow, after what seemed like (or WAS!) 4-5 weeks of unproductive paper writing, I've FINALLY got my paper outline done! Wayy past the original deadline but done, nonetheless. How thrilling does it look?! (yeah, yeah I know, hahah)

It has been emailed to my supervisor and hopefully she has some good, critical advice for it(although I hope it doesn't get torn to shreds!!! EEK!). In the meantime, I need to start, no. Not reading any good or comforting novels, but a couple dozen articles (this is where speed-reading and good note-taking comes in handy). I'm not complaining though because I think it will actually be a good distraction as well as something positively productive to focus on. I am, after all, two-thirds complete!! EEEE! Just thinking of how close I am, makes my day :)

So onwards and's time to get back to work!
And back to normal, everyday life!!
Which actually makes me feel quite satisfied and content.

OH! And Happy Pre-Father's Day to all the guys out there!
I invited my dad over for a bbq dinner last nite with my husband thinking that it was Father's Day....I was SOOO ahead of the game this time....that NEVER happens (I tend to forget EVERY important date)!! But only because I have NO IDEA what day it is anymore!! hahaha! -- (yes, I am becoming ever so slightly delusional, lol). So on the brightside, we get to do it all over again next Sunday!! Hopefully with more family around! (my mom and my brother and his wife who are all out of town) YIPPEE! :)

Saturday, June 13

Yewellery and heartache.

Ok. Since arriving home I've gotten a barrage of packages from (those darned!) Etsy artists!  ;)

{I really need to QUIT. 
This is getting ridiculous and I think I have enough bling... :P 
I have a serious problem with this whole jewellery binging thing... oy.}

Anyhow, enough of the psychoanalysing (I'll conquer this addiction in time, I swear!), I was recently into smaller rings for awhile before I left but am now back on the large ring kick not sure why my preferences changed like this so suddenly?! So, no surprise, I had to wear my biggest ring yet, once I came back. It's absolutely amazing and actually quite comfortable as well!!

Looking fabulous at work with my new bling 
while putting my chapstick on.

And while drinking my much-needed coffee...
[With finally being back home and then travelling and then coming back and then Jody leaving again and coming back and with all the recent and deteriorating news (we know it's coming but that doesn't make it much easier to deal with)...I am realizing that life is just absolutely exhausting right now. ]
Coffee and jewellery are my refuge.

And here are two lovely items from two different 
and also quite lovely artists themselves...
quite the matching pair, isn't it!? :)