Thursday, September 27


I want to brag about my new nephew, Dariusz, who was born this afternoon at 1:20pm Mountain Standard time, weighing 6lbs 11oz!!

My sister did end up getting a cesarian shortly after my first post today, due to the baby having some more stress in the womb. I didn't find out until a few hours later when my mom was able to get a moment and call. But she and baby are healthy and doing very well and we are all so happy for her and her hubby :)

Ohh, I'm melting with joy!! I'm an auntie now :D


My sister is in labour as I type mom is down there visiting and helping out with everything which I am SOO thankful for because I am SOO worried and wish I was there to help her! It is also bringing back those emotions and feelings that I had from my labour almost exactly a year ago, so I am overcome with worry!

Anyhow, so far things are going ok. And so far it kinda sounds similar to my labour in terms of slowness (she's been in labour since yesterday afternoon and was only 3cm dilated this morning)...and now she is currently getting an epidural. Hopefully she can have the baby naturally and not like me with an emergency c-section. But ultimately, I hope she has the baby by tonite...and of course the main thing being that momma and baby are safe and healthy. Ohhh the stress!

UPDATE: the baby is going through some stress...very slow heartbeat right after contractions which is not normal so they gave her an epidural and are putting a water tube up there since the baby's liquids have been low to begin with...she is trying hard not to have a c-section so if this water tube thing doesn't work then she will have to have one...I'm so worried about the baby though I almost wish she'd just opt for a c-section now...I kind of regret telling her how bad my c-section was....god, how absolutely stressful...I could just cry right now.

Monday, September 24

Screwy uppy...

So I bought a new weigh scale...a digital one.

BAD MOVE when you're in the midst of trying to lose weight!! haha! It is a few pounds different, and I mean heavier(!!), than the old one!!

Oh well, such is life...I'm on a weight rut anyways and re-evaluating my eating habits once again. I'm going to cut out the cookie that I eat every afternoon at snack-time and replace it with an apple. Good choice, I know. hehe!

So, in the meantime, I think I'll officially go by the new scale although this means waiting probably an extra week or more by the time that I 'catch up' again to my old weight of 168! *sigh*

Oh well...more incentive to eat apples, I guess!! haha

PS- I am a horrible mom...Brooklyn fell down the steps today as I turned my back for ONE SECOND to let the dogs inside...she usually crawls down the stairs but this time as I turned around, she lunged at me to pick her up and I wasn't quick enough and she toppled down the 3 steps to the bottom..... =( My poor baby girl. I was SOOOO horrified. But she is ok and survived with no bumps or bruises, just scared herself pretty good...and scared her momma to death too!!! I'm NEVER doing that again, turning my back on her right by a flight of stairs!!!!! OMG the horror!!

Friday, September 14

1 down...

Ok, so I'm a pound lighter :)
I weighed in this morning at 168!! Yay!
I can almost fit comfortably into my old black pea coat again!
I'd say ~8 more pounds...!

Can't. wait.


Thursday, September 13

Brooklyn's first birthday!!!!

My little girl has turned one already!! Mind you, that was a week ago now, but I've been too lazy to post, ok! lol!

Here are some pics of my lovely little girl... :D damn, this blog won't let me download some pics...maybe tomorrow...if you really want to see them, go look on Facebook. I have them all posted there ;) hehe

Tuesday, September 4

Monday efficiency

Got LOTS done today at work!! I'm really satisfied with a job well done and almost complete! And I'm finally seeing a light at the end of this crazy, mapping library nightmare!!

The reason being for my sudden, yet super efficiency-mode was due to the internet/network going down today...for the whole day...go figure. hehehe! That thing can really get you hog-tied and distracted at work :P

So remind me to cut the internet off when I have lots of self-motivational work to do! lol! Because it's called procastination and I'm really good at it...until the power goes out and then I get too bored and I resort to working like a dog! lol! My shoulder muscles are actually sore and I'm was quite a physical job, I must say!

Monday, September 3

Total weight loss so far...

So since being fully pregnant I've lost a total of 51 pounds!!!

HOLA!! Now putting that perspective on it makes me feel very proud of myself...and that's only 9 lbs away from my pre-pregancy state!! Awesome!!!

Although, there are certain things on my body that have 'shifted' (from being pregnant) and so I realize that I will need to work a bit harder to 'get rid of' those the 'belly bloop'...having that is not very fun! lol!

But all in all, this gives me more motivation to keep at it and become a healthy momma for me and my baby!!

My current goal...if you don't to 'start over' (after summer) and lose 15 pounds (from 175). And so far, I've lost 6 pounds of that and have 14 more to go!!

After that goal is complete, I will set another goal for either 10 or 15 more pounds.

But one step at a time!
Gotta stay focused ;)