Thursday, January 31

Electrician needed!!

That's it! That is all that is left to be done to our sauna, is the electrical hookups!!

eeeeeeee!! It's so beautiful my new, little sauna!!! I can't wait to heat myself up in it!! heehee! I've actually been looking for natural, biodegradeable soaps now on my favourite shopping website know...for showering before going into a sauna.

And hmmm...I've found lots of good and YUMMY flavours! hehe! However, yes I'm still on a budget so slowly does it, right.

And ahh...Friday is getting closer. But looks as though the -40's are-a-staying :(

Wednesday, January 30


The sauna is ALMOST done!! Whooo! Jody is just finishing up putting the cork floor in today! The walls, the ceiling is up and done! Just the benches and stove next!!

On a different note, regarding my masters degree...I just got word that I am no longer needed for my initial research topic. They already did or are doing the analyses...oh well, I guess that is what happens when you carry on with life in another direction. Of course I am disappointed but no sense in getting all depressed about it...either way it has to get done and I'm sure someone out there requires some sort of help with their data. So I'm pondering about my other options, some controversial (long story), some simple and some more complex in terms of means and length. I'd prefer to get this degree done with as soon as possible so am going to probably go for the controversial and simple means before turning to the more time consuming research idea that I have.

Can't remember if I mentioned this on a previous post but I'm probably going to be attending three courses at the university this spring/summer. Each course is only about a week long, very condensed and therefore very intense but the main thing right now, is that this speeds up my degree. And atleast they are all meaningful courses; 1) GIS in Watershed Management, 2) Project Management and 3) GIS and Forest Ecology. Hopefully things go well: I'm still working on logistical and financial details...

On a third and non-related note: I feel happier this week. Much happier. I realized that last week I was super PMSing and didn't even realize it. And a little bit of physical exercise helps too...I love having a treadmill, especially in winter!

And finally, another week of -45C...basically for the remainder of this week too. Whoohoo, I'm feeling the chill, no doubt! Then I'm off on a business trip, Sunday nite, to the 'big' city for 2 days of meetings. It will probably be colder up there but it will be nice getting a few café latté's to help ease the chill. And of course visit some old friends too :)

Tuesday, January 29

On another, more stupider, note...

Well I figure I better write this out or else I will hold it in my head and just be angry at the world. Well I weighed myself this morning, and while I didn't do the best on the weekend, I didn't do horribly either. And I even went for a run on my treadmill yesterday. So I must be retaining water from that because, again, I am back to that heavy initial weight this morning.

I know, I's just goddamn frustrating!! But am going to stick to the treadmill anyhow, even if it's just doing a walk on an incline for half an hour or so. I just need to do something with my body as my job keeps me sitting on my ass all day and, in this weather, who the hell wants to venture outside for a walk?!

Anyhow, I know this will pass soon enough after my body gets used to exercise (once again), but in the meantime I hate my goddamn weigh scale!! Fuck it!! See you next Monday fucker (I'm sayng this to my weigh scale)!! I'm not going to weigh myself until then!! I'm going insane!


That was fast...Jody worked on the sauna last nite for just over half an hour and the outside is nearly done! He just needs to put up the ceiling!!

That was just amazingly fast and easy! Well so far he has to also put in the floors which will take a bit of cutting. And also the benches and the stove and get an electrician to hook up the stove to the fuse box.

We are also missing some lumber accessory pieces which kinda sucks; there are no back rests (for behind the benches) and a few other odds and ends are missing too...but hopefully we can still use the sauna while we wait for those. And hopefully the guy we bought it from will ship them to us!! He better!! I'm still waiting to hear back from him...oh. he's just emailed me back and will take responsibility! Yah! He's gonna get my full reccommendations and praise!!

So it's getting closer...and a sauna would be ideal this week seeing as it's fricken gonna be -40 all week! ugh!! Did I say this already....?! Sorry, it's just so utterly cold, I just don't think I'm used to it yet. No...I just don't think I will EVER get used to it being this cold!! Blasted winter!

Monday, January 28

Half done!

Well the sauna is already half built!! It's going up SO fast, we are both surprised!! JD worked on it at lunch and in less than one hour managed to get half of it up!! It's so cool, like lego blocks!! hehe! After he builds it up and alters some design to the ceiling and puts the flooring in, then we can get an electrician to come and hook it cross your fingers, that it will be up and running by the weekend!!!


It's SOOOOOOO damn cold here (-40 all week!!) that a nice, hot sauna should thaw our chilly, frozen bones!!!

Saturday, January 26



-51C tomorrow with the wind chill...

-38/-39 lows all next week.
Highs of -31C...
That's a HIGH.


Fun stuff. Definitely fun stuff...
And...remind me why I live here again!?

No wonder why I'm, once again, fat!


So this blog is turning into somewhat of a personal diary for me. Don't mind my rambles and rants :) I guess it's better than eating...out of boredom and stress! hehe!

So last nite was book was at my house for my book called "Blink". It sucked! haha! No one, except me, finished the book. And it even annoyed me greatly while I finished it! Needless to say, do not read this book! hehe! Too repetitive and boring. And I ate alot of foods and snacks so today is back on track. So far so good :) And I'm feeling upbeat and positive so it should be a smooth day. Most of the girls left a bunch of junk food at my house last nite but I threw most of it in the garbage so that helps. The other stuff, I will send to my mother for her to snack on :) Share the goodness! Not hoard it! hehe!

And tomorrow I've decided to go for a run. Maybe 3 times a week. But this time, I will not allow myself to neglect my diet diary and I will continue to write everything down so that I am aware of all that is going into my body. I just feel like I need to get some exercise with this cold winter lagging and with me becoming too obsessive about things because I am just not efficiently getting rid of my excess energy.

So that's it for today. It's just me and my booboo today and spending some quality time with her. She's such a sweetie, my little girl :)

Friday, January 25

Just what I needed!!

Oh my spirits have just been lifted!

My supervisor just came into my office and asked if I'd be free for a trip north to the 'big' city for a few days on Feb. 4 and 5th for a work obligation...HELL YES!! hehe! Get me OUT of this hell-hole for even just two days!! PLEASE!!! lol!

Yes, it's colder up there but frick...they have a mall! They have a Walmart! And this cool little jewellery store! teehee!

I think I've been needing to get out of town for some time...realistically and for the sake of my sanity I really should plan to get out of town every two months. But lord knows that that costs money. And I'm on a budget. But thank my lucky stars that work sometimes has these opportunities for me every now and again.

YAY!! I'm going to the big city!!! :D

Fridays are always so brilliant :)

Ooh I love I live for them!! hehe!

I honestly think it would be much better with only 4 workdays per week. That would mean such a greater balance of work and home life for most people! 4 days of work and a 3 day weekend. That would be so, so very perfect!! People would still get their work done at work and maybe value it a bit more and then would also have more of a precious life at home with their families! Ohhh, if I was Prime Minister!! Look out! I'd create such a ruckus, wouldn't I?! hehe!

So obviously I am feeling much better today. I actually felt like putting on my usual make-up today and looking somewhat presentable...whereas all rest of the week I couldn't seem to care less about how I looked and probably looked like a grunge!

Weight loss is going s-o-o-o slow...but I guess it doesn't help that I weigh myself almost every fricken day! So gotta start doing once a week again so that I can actually 'see' the progress that I know should be happening.

So I have the weekend to myself...well me and my beautiful Booboo (Brooklyn). Gonna probably bake some bread and try to relax and have fun with her. And then when she is off to bed I have got some serious catching up to do with some chick-flicks!! Gotta catch up on some 'me-time'.

And I've been busy rearranging the rooms in my house again...I think it's that winter 'itch' making me do it! hehe! But the house looks better already...I rearranged the living room and the dining room and put up my new beautiful paintings. Last nite, while JD was starting construction on the new sauna, I went and rearranged Brooklyn's bedroom and got a big dresser out of there so now there is a bit more space for her to play and now it is also a bit more child-proofed. And this weekend, my next 'project' is the spare bedroom right across from her room. Gotta get that ready for my sister's family when they come to visit with their baby in May. Lots of time but I just want to get it done. It was done back in November but since then it has become a pack room for all our extra stuff! Just gotta clear it out, unclutter it and incorporate that new big dresser in there somehow since there is no room in our bedroom...or is there?! hehe! Oi, here I go!

Thursday, January 24


Yes, I think you're right...the full moon was out and about earlier this week making everybody a little crazy, perhaps :)

So in other non-crazy news...we've finally decided on our new sauna floor. We're going to do a cork floor! It's a little more expensive than we'd originally planned but it should last forever and it's also easy to move, if need be, in the future. And cork is natural and has no odours (like our original cheaper idea of linoleum would) and is relatively moisture resistant for the sauna setting!

But JD goes hunting this weekend so he'll probably get the sauna built and up n' running next week...atleast built and in place. And hopefully then we will get it running. But that depends on whether we can find an available electrician right away to help him hook it up properly to the breaker.

But since JD goes hunting, hopefully he gets a moose!! Or a buffalo (with someone who is allowed of course)! Meat is so expensive here, and these would be ideal options as they are cheap AND healthy too! Not to mention YUMMY!!

Mmmm...buffalo burgers!! :P

Wednesday, January 23


Turns out I was just completely and utterly and mentally exhausted last nite. Not sure why. Was super cranky and grumpy...but honestly it sounds like MANY people in this town were also like this yesterday...

And now that I think about it, I guess it probably has to do with the some 14 or so deaths that this small little community of 2500 has experienced since November. I read in the recent newspaper that if Edmonton (with a population of 1 million) had experienced the same ratio of deaths we have had, then they would have experienced over 30,000 deaths. I'm not into doing the math so am not sure if that is correct but I'm telling you, it sure feels like that kind of absolute burden.

To me, this brings some light as to why everybody in town has been so sad and even just feeling a little lost. Especially in such a small town where everyone knows everyone, many people are friends and most people are related in some manner.

To make matters especially heart-wrenching a local 16 year old girl is in a coma from a recent skidoo accident. We are all praying for her to successfully come out of her coma and hoping that she pulls through. It is a waiting game.

So basically, yesterday I was going to go to a funeral (for a family friend who passed away last week) but for various reasons I didn't get to go. This also happened earlier this month for another funeral that I wanted to attend and pay my respects to but didn't get to. And so I was a bit angry at the world...understandably so.

Tuesday, January 22

Three times a charm!

Wow, three postings in one day...
After, what...three months of non-posting?! geesh...

You know you're bored and having a hard time when:
  • work is currently shit (no, not the shit)
  • food is a constant struggle and acting like your enemy
  • husband is being a stupid, retarded baby worse than your 16 month old toddler!
  • toddler is being very demanding (on the plus side, not as bad as the husband)
  • there is no sanity-saving sanctuary in my own home (not yet anyhow)
  • it's mother f*#%en cold outside!!! (-40 can suck the fat right off my ass!!)
  • seeking mind-expanding opportunities (my summer grad courses) and all that is involved (travel, food, accommodations, tuition etc etc...!) is going to cost me a f*#%en arm and a leg!!
Fuck sakes.
Tuesdays suck.

My blessed sauna has arrived!!!!

Why oh why do I feel the need to be so fricken obsessive at times...???!!!

Well, my sauna is officially here!!! Wooohooo!!
And now I can't wait for it to be set up so I can finally work on quieting my damn busy mind!!!


This is all I hear all day and frankly it's getting quite annoying!!! :S

Anger splashed with realizations.

Well I've gained a few pounds back. Which is to be expected. But I just got so angry though this morning and felt so defeated...but then I remembered that this is not a new year's resolution nor a quick fix nor a easy fix at that. It takes time and hard work, just like everything else worth doing. And that I must keep trying and eating healthy and keep it up. I can't give up. It was easy once before and it can become normal and easy once again. With hard work and determination.

Friday, January 18

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Well, I'm happy this week...I lost 2 more pounds in the last few days. So that's about 5 pounds this last week! Great stuff especially considering last week when I didn't lose a damn thing! But I was sick last week so I knew I just had to stick it through and sure enough it has paid off! This new development along with a Monday-weighing gives me the encouragement to eat good this weekend too.

I'm feeling much better and much healthier in general already. And I'm eating whatever I want as long as I stay within calorie range. Although this restriction encourages me to try to include more fibre and healthy foods such as veggies...although I've been on a homemade bread phase lately...since I make bread every weekend now. I just need something productive to do with all of this extra energy that I have...coinciding with the winter blues (I am getting utterly bored being stuck inside in this -40C weather)! Making bread gives me something to do and I have that sense of accomplishment afterwards that I made something so yummy! hehe! Plus, I'm beginning to think that I won't need to buy bread anymore...rather just make it for my family instead!!

So this weekend should be relaxing. And I've survived my first 2 weeks of counting calories again and feel like I never left! I almost forgot how easy and convenient counting was; it's not a diet after all! Everything is in moderation, and nothing deprived. No obsessive compulsiveness...which I tend to be with a lot of things. Including food.

Thursday, January 17

Losing my....


Not my religion. Or my mind...not yet anyways, hehe! :P

Seems like everytime I focus on losing weight I start spending too much money or wherever I can!! hehe! Oh well, overcoming one addiction only to start another is common, I hear. Just gotta try to stick to my 2008 budget...if I want to be able to do house renovations this summer and the next!! Gotta think of the consequences if I spend too much!! AND eat too much!! It's a balancing act I tell ya!

In the meantime, my weight loss is slow but once again on a roll. Lost about 2.5 pounds in the last week. Just gotta keep at it!

Saturday, January 12

Well...hello again!

Well it's been awhile...and it seems as though my running may have interupted my weight loss. That always seems to be the case with me. I don't efficiently focus on two things at once when it comes to overcoming a bad habit (over-eating). I have somewhat of an addictive personality so when I start something I seem to focus solely on that...and unfortunately I focused solely on my running, which is although good, my overall bad eating habits continued. I thought that I could keep my good eating habits on track. Instead I neglected them after awhile without noticing (I stopped keeping track) and didn't keep it up. So my weight loss has come to a halt and I actually gained some weight especially during the Christmas month.

But oh well, it's a new day and a new year. And things must start over. Especially if I want to live a long and happy life and lifestyle.

So here is to a new year and a new start...and no, not a 'New Year's resolution' (because those are sporadic and don't last) but another chance at a lifestyle change and another shot at making better and more healthy choices in my life for the long term.

Stay tuned, as I will be posting much more frequently now to help me keep on track. But beware, it will mostly be boring old weight-loss stuff! :D But I'll try my best to add some more other interesting life happenings in here too!!