Wednesday, February 24

Nap time!

Brought to you by Brooklyn Abigail :)
(I cannot take such wondrous credit for tucking in
ALL of these cute, little guys!)

Sunday, February 21

9 months

Here I am at 9 months...
I didn't think I could get any bigger but, alas, it has happened.
After weeks of basically staying the same,
my tummy, (aka baby) had a big growth spurt
right after the last 8 month picture was taken.
I am now officially a WHALE!
haha, ok, that is not so or not very nice
but I do feel HUGE!

And uncomfortable.
And exhausted.
And, quite honestly, very useless.

My husband has been picking up alot of the slack lately
and I am so thankful to him for that
and for him basically being my hero, as always.

I also starting having Braxton Hicks contractions
(the "practice" contractions that prepare you for labour).
I'd almost forgotten what they felt like
even after complaining non-stop
about how painful my tummy has been feeling lately.
They especially occur when the little guy moves around
(which is basically ALL the time!).

I am also now off of work for good
and I feel very relieved.
That particular stress has been lifted
which I think has helped my mental state more.
And I get to hang out with my little girl
at home now too which is a big bonus :)

Now I just have to make it one more week
before we move to the big city for a few months.
I will be busy packing and also prepping/cleaning
the house this week
for the handful of different house/dogsitters
we will have while we are gone
(ughh, gong-show in this dept, as per usual).
And, perhaps, A LOT of mini-breaks and naps
along the way too...

Yep, all I have to say is:
Thank God for to-do lists!

Sunday, February 14



I asked my hubby to make me a chocolate cake yesterday
(because you know...a 9 month pregnant lady needs her some chocolate cake! hehe)
and this is what he surprised me & Brooklyn with!

He's such a sweetheart! =)

Wednesday, February 10


8 months pregnant
(taken a few weeks ago; mind the dirty mirror...)
And I finally got a haircut (not shown).....whoa.

With my new FABULOUS(!!!!!) cameo ring from Rosy Revolver!!

Finally got that bird's nest OUT of Brooklyn's hair!!!
Whew! =)

Monday, February 1

2 freakin' weeks left....!

So I've just discovered, in the nick of time, that I have 9 days worth of sick-leave left (I'm clean out of any vacay time so sick leave is all I have to cling to!)! Which means my midwife *will* be writing me a note to stay home starting in 2 weeks!!!!! And so that will cut my "weeks-left-of-working" countdown from 4 2 weeks now!!!!!!


I don't think I've ever been this excited to be done work before. EVER!! It's probably just because I know how physically and mentally exhausting and stressful this time can be. I worked up until the very last minute before having Brooklyn (went into labour with her on Labour Day, go figure, heheh!)...and that last month of working while being as big as a boat was NOT a fun experience!

Plus, I'll already have enough on my mind...we are also moving, in 4 weeks, for a whole 2 months to the big city down South. Jody has to attend his 2nd year of apprenticeship school and I have to give birth in a city anyways ... (this little town is not equipped for potentially complicated pregnancies which I am categorized as, due to my previous emergency c-section).

So we just decided that it would be more than worthwhile for me and little B to go with him this time around....however expensive that may be. After all, I cannot imagine being totally alone, with no close family support, while giving birth. Because this is what would actually happen if I had chosen not to go South with Jody; they would actually send me to the closest city which is way up North!!! This is one of the downsides to living in a small, isolated Northern community ..... and this scenario just outright gives me a heart attack and makes me angry when women up North here have no choice but to do this!

So anyhow, with the end of that big tangent....
all I have to say about the next 2 weeks of work that I have left is: