Saturday, November 29

No, I am not an addict . . .


My jewellery box . . . filled with juicy, juicy RINGS!!
(first I started with plastic/lucite, then moved on to glass and now I am IN LOVE with stones and metal work!!)

My current faves; mostly exquisite stones and GORGEOUS metal work!! =)

I am IN LOVE with turquoise . . .


It's a good thing that I cannot make my own rings!! 
But also a darn shame!  

Saturday's are the best!

Me and Boo (she's so cute!)

So I am currently 'watching' Bridget Jones' Diary for the umpteenth time. I say 'watching' in parentheses because I think I have the whole movie memorized by now and don't really need to watch it to know exactly what they're going to say! =D 

Today, Brooklyn and I went to "the shop" to go get a treat. "The shop" is just down the road where daddy works and also the ski-doo store that my father and uncle used to own (where my brother still works and now my hubby too). So it's a local private business that is basically still in the family . And today was their Annual Open House which always promises, each year, some kind of yummy goodies. Brooklyn chose a BIG chocolate chip cookie that her uncle thought was almost as big as she! heheh!

Then we headed to a local craft sale where people were selling their handmade goodies. It was alright, even with Missy Crankenstein acting up (it was close to nap time and she must have been crashing from that sugary cookie). I knew we wouldn't be staying long after she lay down on the floor, face first, in front of everyone! heheh! Needless to say,  we didn't get too much stuff but I saw some beautiful framed photographs and crafts there. And it's always good to support your local craftspeople! I am always amazed by the talent that is out there!! =D

Wednesday, November 26

I wait.

Just waiting for the weekend to arrive . . .

It's taking FOREVER!!  =/

Monday, November 24

Need. New. Glasses. Ugh...

Ok. So I DON'T do glasses...until recently. 

I've had glasses for a long while but have never, EVER really needed to use them (ok, I admit it, I just had them to look smart occasionally)

But basically, the short explanation is: I only have one 'useful eye'. The other eye (my right) is null and void or just plain fuzzy. I had  'lazy eye syndrome' (and still occasionally do since apparently my sister can tell when I'm really, really tired, LOL!) when I was little and had a few eye surgeries to help correct the crossing of the eyes. But regardless, I've always had 20/20 vision in my left eye, (which over-compensates quite well for the other eye) and I've always had near 'perfect' vision as far as seeing things goes (in my opinion anyways)

However, since being pregnant, my eyesight (meaning my left eye) is withering away along with my butt! That wasn't the plan!! But I am slowly going blind, month after month!! Ackkk!!! And I can't handle it!! I've never experienced not being able to see things before! I'm still hoping that the next pregnancy, whenever that may be (soon), will jolt my eyeball back into 20/20! I really am sure this will happen. You might call it denial, but I just call it being fixed. 

But until then, this means I have to get new glasses...ugh!! I do not like this. I do not like this at all...glasses are EXPENSIVE!!! And also this means I may even have to get contacts since I don't want to wear glasses ALL the time...this is not good. I just don't do well with having to touch my eyeballs...

Me wearing my current glasses that are not *strong* enough anymore =( 

I am not happy about it. Really. 
I just look semi-happy, but really I'm crying inside  =)

Sunday, November 23

I've been fiddling around with different blog backgrounds today (thanks for the link, Kate!!!) . . . and I posted a photo that I took of the Libyan Sea, in the main heading of my blog.

I took this picture after an 18 kilometre hike down the Samaria Gorge, while JD and I were vacating in Crete (Greece) back in 2005. I call it our 'reunion hike', after being apart for nearly half a year, while I worked in Norway. JD was never much into hiking (I LOVE it!) but I think halfway through, he managed to (thankfully) get that 'hiker's high' and pulled out a few smiles. Through and through, I think he secretly enjoyed it ;)

I took this picture looking down into the water from the ferry shortly after our long and exhilarating hike down the gorge. I just couldn't get over how turquoise it was!! I rarely take 'good' pictures but I admittedly love looking at this photo everyday, as it is also the background pic on my laptop =)

Ohh, how I miss those beautiful, bright turquoise waters . . . and my man . . . we're currently 1/6th into ANOTHER (nearly) 6 month long distance stint :/

OY! I can't wait till we finally get our act together! :P

Saturday, November 22

Me and my girl :)

My beautiful :)

Me and my lil' Buddha :)

Goofing around on Photo Booth.
Like mother, like daughter :D

Friday, November 21

I am back on my way to a healthier life!

I'm so, so, so, so, so, so, so HAPPY!!!

I couldn't be happier!! :D
I am finally getting my health back! Physically and also this time, in terms of family balance, nutrition and overall lifestyle. It's taken me over 2 years to get it back, but it's been a journey and a definite learning experience. One of which, I hope to never repeat.

And after working out in the gym 5 days a week and eating clean for roughly 85% of the time since July, I feel fit, healthy (not sick) and FREE! I can't wait to fit into my a pair of size 8's for once in my life! On my way therrr...

Even dear hubby is taking on some of my new-found and healthy habits!! *gasp* He's started working out in the gym, in the city, and is trying to eat more healthy foods. It's just amazing to see his mind open to all that. And I'm glad I can be such a positive influence on him. And I'm so grateful for my own support system. I am truly a changed person. And I hope continue on with this wonderful and healthier way of life :)


Now if I can just kick this nasty (but thrilling) shopping habit that I've used to replace food, lol :S

Thursday, November 20

Honesty is definitely a refreshing characteristic.

And I think it can be agreed, that DOING THE RIGHT THING takes guts and courage.

We are ALL striving to become better, achieve more and improve our ways. This is normal. But don't lose sight of the true meaning of passion, or TRUE VALUE of integrity or of individualism. This is a struggle for us all.

Well it's official.

I miss my man =(

I miss him for all the things he does around the house.
I miss him for being an awesome daddy and helping out with Brooklyn.
I miss him for being the best and most understanding partner ever.
And I miss him for his company and his presence.

4 more weeks!!!

PS-Kate, where are you...? I forgot to go on msn last weekend. Sorry =(

Wednesday, November 19


I'm really an avid and passionate collector of unique jewellery and would expect more integrity and creativity in the world...

But sometimes. I guess not.

How sad. How very sad indeed.

But regardless, I won't be wasting my money on the likes of those who, quite obviously, choose to copy other people's hard-earned work. And I won't be forwarding said store links either (or those related who ACTUALLY support that kind of thing!) to ANY of my friends!

Funny thing is I make money...and I LOVE spending it too. And I'm just gettin' started ;) I have become a very picky and loyal customer. But it never ceases to amaze me, in this life, just how far ignorance will get you. But with someone like me, that is not far. At all. I honestly feel gypped! But myself, and customers alike, won't tolerate shit and definitely NOT stolen knock-offs. 

But oh well. Life is too short for me to waste my breath on it as well (let alone my money!).

So on with the shopping spree, I say!! ;)

PS - Isn't there a support group for Etsy addicts like me?! =)

Sunday, November 16

It's gettin' cold!

(Wow. A double-blogging day! Within minutes, no less!)

It's finally getting cold outside...November, this year, has been uncharacteristically, but pleasantly warm this year. Only in the -2°C to -4°C range which is superb winter weather for doing ANYTHING fun outside. But the forecast is warning that it is now headed up and up into the -20°C ranges....and that just means that it will be double that, come January =(

Oy vay...

I'm gonna need to eventually have to break down and invest in a big, solid, wolf-fur hooded parka and some nice, beautifully-beaded moccasins!

Life is Happening.

It's been busy around here...hence the neglection of the blog. 

( that even a word?? Spell check doesn't think so. And so I suppose neither does the regular English dictionary.)

JD has been gone for 1 month already and is to be returning not yet for another month. So, needless to say, I've been experiencing what it's like to be a single mommy. I have found that it's highly stressful, challenging and yet very rewarding all in one. I really admire those parents who are actually raising their children by sure takes a lot out of a gal (or a guy) without having that extra help from your other half. 

I do admit that, however challenging it is, and despite having to be the main "meanie mommie/parent" (disciplinarian), that with JD gone I also get to be the "cuddle-bear". Usually that is daddy's job, the lucky guy, so that is definitely a nice, added bonus!! I always was the main tickle-monster in the house, so I am glad that I can add cuddle-bear to my ever-expanding "resum-mommé" =). 

I am also learning patience I felt I never had before so I am grateful for that experience, just as grateful as I am to better appreciate my wonderful husband and best possible father to my child (and children to be). The one and only who is anxiously waiting to come back home to be with his girls =) . Being together again as a family, this year, is going to be our biggest Christmas gift ever!