Friday, September 19

Let's get physical!

♪♫ Dun-dun-da...da-da-da,da,da! ♪♫

Soooo.....looks like my metabolism is BACK ON TRACK!!!

*doing a little break-dance* YEAH!

Holy crap...that took how long??!
8 loooong months?!
Faaack...what an experience to never forget.
Am SOOOOO glad I didn't give up on myself!

Nothing like a little bit (or a lot) of weight-training and working my ass off, literally, to knock it back into submission!

BOWWWW!!! (♪♫ bow-chicka-wow-wow ♪♫)

Me to the tummy: Lose that pound of fat, NOW!
Me to the thigh: Get rid of that inch of fat, IMMEDIATELY!!
Me to the ass: Build up that MUSCLE, more reps...MORE REPS DAMN YOU!!!


Damn it feels good to be in the groove once again!!!!!


Wednesday, September 17

Another week.

Well, things around here (and in my head) have cleared up alot.
That was some nasty bitchiness I was going through, hola!
Could it just have been side effects of being off sugar for so long (aka eating clean diet)??
Could that have altered my normal PMS moods to horrific and nauseating levels??
Maybe so.

In any case, I cleared that up with a huge junkfood binge on Saturday after those 2 glasses of wine that I had Friday nite which left me (ugh) hungover like a weeping willow! Very weird...did not know 2 glasses of wine can do that to a person, geesh! My trainer/sis said that it could be because my carb levels are a bit lower these days (b/c I eat more protein) and so there is less food to soak up the alcohol (YUP, was I ever drunk!). That and the fact that I haven't drank in over two months. Cuz we all know how bad alcohol is for weight loss! :O

But not to worry...I was back on track, after my binge, and all set to have a good week starting the next day on Sunday.

My weight training and workouts are going really good! I have, so far in the last 3 weeks, lost 1 inch on my chest, 2 inches on my waist and 1.5 inches on my hips. My pre-preggo clothes are starting to fit nicely again!!! As for my weight, well it hasn't budged much but am now able to focus on inches so that has made me a tad less obsessed with the weigh scale. Which is a nice change.

There is, once again, some positivity in the cool crisp, fall weather air!!

Friday, September 12

Me likey.

My favourite things are music, wine, sex and chocolate. 
And they all go really good together too. 

Go figure.

Out of control, dude!

So much for controlling my VISA spending habits....


I guess I should feel better that I didn't eat my way into oblivion????

Yes...that is a question.

Two options??
Rich vs. slim (or, poor or fat).

Let us ponder this and examine what we want to be when we grow up...

Wednesday, September 10


Another appropriately titled blog.
But atleast it has a tad less anger and vulgarity involved in it.
I DO apologize for yesterday's ruuuude words of choice. Oy!
So yeah, today is blah-y.
Which is certainly better than yesterday and the days before.

And in spite of it all, I have been able to control myself.
I only had cake on Sunday for my little Buddha's birthday!
Boy was it ever a harsh sugar rush...yuck!

...AND I saw this really big, awesome ring online (check my Etsy faves; its the big turquoise one at the top) while at the fore-front of my angst yesterday and surprisingly it is still sitting there and not being paid for by my VISA! Phew! That was certainly a close call! I managed to ease my mind instead with a pep-talk from my sis.

Boy, that PMS kicked my ass, real good this time around...!

Tuesday, September 9


An appropriate title for an appropriately fucktard of a week.
I have way too many things to complain about but I'll spare you the annoying details.
So I'll just say this instead:

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

Fucken fuckity fuck!

Friday, September 5

Fickle Friday

Wow. Today has been rough. It started with my weigh-in. At 2lbs heavier than last week. Mind you, my official weigh-in now is not until Sunday morning. 

BUT. My jeans are fitting GREAT. And I've been wearing them comfortably for a few days now. First time since my pre-preggo days. So I was a bit bummed about the weigh scale but not too much. Then my sis/trainer emailed and I tried to keep it short. Then she basically said that my food log (last week which was my first week) consists of "a great deal of sugars and fats"...this after I said I wanted to switch my protein powder (just 1/2 scoop in morning) to flax seed because either the powder or the almond butter that I am eating is giving me, must I say it 'out loud', diarrhea. Fun stuff. 

So I was trying to figure out what food item was giving me this problem but she wasn't having it because flax has more fat and not as much protein as the protein powder. And well. I understand her need, as a trainer, to nit-pick at every single item in my diet (she was talking about the dash of brown sugar and raisins in my oatmeal and the 1/2 cup of skim milk in my protein shake) but frankly, I was insulted...I have never eaten so god-damn healthy in my life, not even the first time I lost weight, a few years ago. And I'm going hard for a solid month now.

Now normally I would just shrug it off as an email misunderstanding since that is our normal way of communication (long distance-wise) but this morning I just got very upset and had to tell her that I'd talk to her later. And I proceeded to shut my office door (yes I was at work) and CRY. For a few minutes anyways. Then I quickly got a revelation and emailed her that all of these wacko symptoms (weight gain, diarrhea, cramps and sensitive mood) must be "Aunt Flow" coming to visit. 

Then JD picked me up at lunch and at home I just burst out crying about the whole thing and about how hard I've been trying to be healthy and then proceeded to cry more about how my baby girl is turning 2 tomorrow...

So sad and yes...
So, so PMSing.
I just couldn't help the cry-fest.

So anyhow, I'm feeling a bit better now. I got my workout in and am almost due for supper now...I'm just feeling mellow-ish. You know after a big cry you're all drained and mellow. 

So tonite I'm just gonna soothe my soul with some good ol' soup and then watch a movie and cuddle up with JD. Ahh, he's the best. He lets me cry like a baby when I need to. I luff him :)

Wednesday, September 3

My baby turns 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh.

My baby is turning 2 on Saturday!!!!

You know, I could just pretend that this isn't happening and that she will never be over the age of 2... and that way she'll stay my little baby forever!!

...But then I'd feel bad that she'd miss her birthday party...

So I guess I better accept the fact that she is growing up :'(

*whimper, whimper, sniff, sniff*

Everywhere is self control.

So I've been watching what I eat, eating healthily, lots of chicken and veggies.
And exercising diligently 5X a week at the gym.
And keeping up with my bi-weekly budget.
Which means that no more impulse buying is involved.
And we're gradually going 'au naturel' and all around (in terms of cleaning products, food, less packaging, etc.; all in an environmentally friendly manner).

It's all a way of life. A lifestyle.

And all in all, I feel that I'm doing quite well with integrating all of these practices into me and my family's daily routine. I guess it is a growing experience for learning moderation, self control and discipline. Excessiveness is quite rude and obnoxious most times and can often ruin a good thing. Especially the way I do it. For me, it's all or nothing half the time. I'm still working on just taking or buying a little most times but it can still be tough. But it does get easier every day and with practice.

Let's hope it lasts...