Wednesday, February 2

New Year and New Possibilities

I know I'm a bit late in talking about the New Year seeing as it's already February 2...but it IS still the new year and I always like to think that a new year is FULL of endless possibilities. I walked into this year believing that it will be GREAT! And so far, so good! (attitude is EVERYTHING)

I specifically wanted to focus on claiming my health back and being a happy, healthy and involved family this year. My health with regards to my thyroid is MUCH better lately (minus a few mysterious allergic reactions) which is a relief because it was about nine months of chronic sickness after baby was born, I kid you not. I do have lots more to improve on, but I know that will always be the case and it is only February. These things are a work in progress.

My focus on family is also improving. Which reminds me....I've been taking A LOT of pictures lately for my new Etsy shop in order to try and make it and my products look nice...but I haven't spent enough time taking new pictures of my two beautiful children. So that's my goal this weekend! Take some photos that I can cherish for a long while...because my two little chillin's are growing up WAY too fast!!! And did I mention...I got the BEST compliment at the skating rink last week...that both my children are "SUCH happy kids!!" And that "they are ALWAYS smiling!!" I think that just made my year altogether!! My goal in to always see my children smile and be happy. :)

I am also hoping to share some other good news sometime soon. I do hope so. But this will come later.

Ahhhhhh, and it's +2C degrees outside!!!!!! It was -40C just two days ago!!!! LOOOOOOVE!! I desperately want to go spend the next two days (-30, boohoo, will return) snowshoeing or skiing !!!


Anonymous said...

YAY! Your blog is alive again :)

LOVE the jewellry you make - where does all this creativity come from?? Seems like I have to come over to let you needle through my ears AGAIN - haven't worn earrings for quite some time now...


Vita said...

hehe thanks Kate! Good question! Just be aware since you just had your first child, hahah...I'm pretty sure it comes almost 99.99% from having kids. Hormones or mommy-mones...who knows! It all started with the jewelry collecting to now's those ancient gathering skills kicking in, I swear by it! ;)