Thursday, October 4

New life decisions :)

Well, I've made a few recent and rational changes to my mind about my career and my educational plans for my life...I've decided that instead of working for a year and then just up and leaving for school to finish my masters degree, that I will continue to work and ask for educational leave to attend a few courses on a part-time basis.

There are some required courses (block-week courses) that I can take at the U of C that are only 7-10 days one case, the course is 2 months instead of 4. They are condensed and very intense but I know I can spread it out and do it and maybe even get it done quicker then if I were to quit my job and go. And I think work can afford me that time off and so can my family as it's not too long being away. And it works out better for my family, as I won't have to uproot them and move them all away, with our mortgage and our house and our jobs to leave behind or worry about. And it will work out to be cheaper too in all these aspects.

And I'm pretty sure my employer will support me in this as they've mentioned supporting me in completing my masters degree before they contracted me on. And I think they would benefit from having someone like me, who was born and raised here (being local is very important here) who is also highly educated in many environmental capacities (I'm not bragging but when I get my masters, I'll be one of a few in this town). So if they get to keep me as their mapper analyst, in addition to allowing me to take a few courses here and there, then I think everyone benefits. And I would still get a paycheck! Yah!

Heck, I recently decided that I really love this job and don't want to leave it anyways! I get awesome pay for doing something that I really like!! So to heck with those other jobs...!! Although I'm still applying for that other job that I won the appeal's back out in competition again right now. But I'm only applying because I want to feel justified and then reject them when they have to offer me the job [because I'm so brilliant ;)]. But I still feel they are trying to purposely push me out of an screening process (you should read the ridiculous qualifications) and so if they do succeed once again then I will be happy to appeal again and once again give them a good ass-whooping!! I mean, c'mon now...I don't want to job anymore anyways! Geesh! But atleast be fair about it!! Some people are just plain assholes who abuse their position of power...and I'm ready to take them down before they up and retire in the next year, if that's what it takes to play their 'fair' game! hehe!

Anyhow, I love my job and I ain't going nowhere and that's what I've ultimately decided!!

Also recently, Jody is in the beginning of a career change here in town...he also just got moved over to start an apprenticeship as a small engine repair mechanic (fixing ski-doos, quads, all terrain vehicles, recreational vehicles basically). He has wanted to do this since we moved here 3.5 years ago and this is the perfect opportuntiy for him to do so and he is due for a change and a solid specific career. No more of him just being the 'labour' guy. So it would be crappy if we had to move in the middle of him working at it, atleast in the beginning anyways.

AND.....all of these decisions will give me time to consider WHEN I can have another baby...and very soon. Well atleast in a year or so. I want Brooklyn to have a little friend and don't want to wait too long so that the kids are too far along in age. Sooo, I'm still thinking about this one and when I should try again. Of course, I will let you know when I decide...or when it is already decided ;) hehe

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