Thursday, October 18

Run, run, run!

That's about it...I'm back to running 3 times a week or so. And it is helping me regain my womanly figure back! hehe! FINALLY!! After months of stagnant weight loss (another words, none)!!

Since running again, I noticed (pardon my openness) lesser cellulite on my butt and a few inches off the front and sides abling me to fit into my size 12 jeans again...still a little snug but looking MUCH better and soon to be my regular jeans again :)

Running is good...I realized why I didn't stick with it before...because I got bored. So I freshened up my 20 minute runs with 1 minute of 'sprints' every 5 minutes. Easy enough and keeps me busy and not bored that it (the 20 min) actually goes by pretty quick! And I think it may help in the metabolism department too! Bonus!!

It's do-able! Something to stick out in the long run :)

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