Wednesday, October 14

4 months

Wow...this sure is a 'slimming' picture!
Here I am, at 4 months...
(I must have got lucky with a good angle, haha)
And since I've gained ENOUGH weight already...
and now that I'm not so sick
and not feeling like I need to eat everything in sight anymore,
I am now focusing on eating more healthily
and making sure I exercise
and continue with my strength training
so that I feel strong and fit for the BIG DAY!

PS -
Oh hey...
did I mention that our whole household
(and the whole region, actually)
came down with the H1N1/swine flu two weeks ago!?
Well we did, as far as our regional news coverage tell us...

I actually DO hope that it was the H1N1
because I'd like to now think that I'm immune.
Brooklyn got the worst of it...mainly a fever and a nasty cough.
But basically like a regular flu/cold.
She's recovering quite nicely now.
I had very mild symptoms; tired, sore throat,
and asthma-like symptoms (which was highly annoying).
Jody and his mom got sick too but are all better.

All in all, everyone is a-ok!
The scare (and the constant fear-mongering)
is over for us hopefully.
I hope that people in the rest of the region
and world fairs well also.


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Vita said...

Awww thanks JJ...even though I feel like a heifer.

susie said...

Lookin' good mama - glad you guys are all feeling better.