Thursday, October 29

Current day: Thursday, October 29, 2009

Current status:
19 weeks & 3 days.

Current mood:
annoyed as all hell at various things in life. Oh and utterly impatient I 9 months yet??? Geeeez. :P

Current tasks:
working at work, working out at home, cooking, cleaning, caring, freaking out, pulling my hair out, needing to desperately get my pulled-out hair fashioned up & working on my thesis literature review...another words a tonne of reading. Again. ugh. (cannot. get. motivated.)

Current weekend plans:
getting an ultrasound and hopefully finding out the gender of our baby!!!!! (the husband is, of course, wanting to find out and make sure that all fingers and toes and other various parts are all there & attached properly...what is it with the dad's always being nervous about there being an alien in there??? lol)

I especially like that last one about the gender. ;)
I can't believe it's already nearly November!!!


Jaime said...

Oh that is exciting Vita!! I think men worry there might be some alien creature in there because they can't feel what its like to have a baby growing inside you... or maybe they just play too many video games lol

The Noisy Plume: said...

Ah ha. I see I have a LOT to look forward to....someday:)