Tuesday, December 8

6 month mark & labour scares.

Here is a picture of my baby bump a few weeks ago at the 6 month mark (24 weeks):
Mind the banana in the picture...Brooklyn was hanging around with a snack ;)

My. I do feel larger than I look, whenever I go back and actually look at the picture...however I do get bigger every week, so I guess it's all about the current perspective. You really don't think you can get any bigger...until you actually do in the next week, LOL!

So yesterday was my 31st birthday...and it turned out to be quite the day/scare!

I woke up at 3am needing to pee (what else is new??) but this pee "feeling" never did go away...I woke up several more times after that with nothing happening (no pee). Finally woke up for good and got ready for work with the same feeling but it was turning into a VERY uncomfortable pressure and so went in to the hospital early to see my midwife at 9am. Took a UTI urine test (which would get tested later, of course) and was sent on my way home to relax.

At home, the feeling got significantly worse and more uncomfortable and I swear, at one point, I felt like I was in labour (like I needed to push!) and panicked and went in to the hospital again at 2pm, scared that I was in pre-term early labour stages. Turns out I did, in fact, have a UTI, and was given antibiotics right away...got my hubby to get some cranberry juice but, alas, he came home with cranberry blend (not the real cranberry juice) and stated that he didn't see anything there with a "non-blend" or "non-cocktail" title...of course...this town sucks for getting what you really need.

So once he got home at suppertime, he boiled me up some cranberries that we had in our freezer and made me my very own cranberry juice! What a freakin' sweetheart!!! God, I love that man so much! At that same time, my pains were heightened and all I could do was cry and cry and cry...it hurt so bad. Jody said the last time he saw me in that much pain was during labour with Brooklyn...and let me tell you, it was a close 2nd to the pain of labour...oy. Thank God the pain only lasted about an hour before I was able to sleep a bit of it and the fever off. Antibiotics kicked in shortly thereafter. Went to be early...slept in late. Feeling famished all day. But atleast the infection is going away.

Anyhow, I guess this might be a post of somewhat TMI, but such is life when you're pregnant, lol!

On a more positive note, am really looking forward to 2 weeks off of work starting on December 21st! With zero annual leave left, this "mandatory leave" is an absolute haven to me!!!


EmeliaRo said...

Oh Vita, I'm so glad to hear everything is alright! And how fun to see a pic of the adorable baby bump! :) Hope you're staying warm!!!

Elaine said...

Yikes! Glad to hear you are okay. You look fabulous!

susie said...

So scary - Glad you and baby are okay. Happy belated birthday!

p.s. You rock that baby bump!

Jaime said...

Yikes Vita - I am sure you must have been scared! I am soo happy to hear baby and mommy are doing just fine and I will agree with you, sounds like your have a real sweety of a hubby there!
Ps - you look FABULOUS!