Monday, December 14

Embracing the chubbs...

Here I am with our new camera
taking a picture of more than just my belly.
Back fat and all.
Embracing it, uh-huh! :P

(I swear my metabolism goes into
full-on REVERSAL mode
*the minute*
that I get pregnant!!)

Pregnant chubbs:
I - - once again - - have NO chin.
I tend carry a lot in my face :P
Oh, who am I kidding...
35lbs, at this point, to be just 6 months.
Still 3 more months to go...
That amount of weight gain is
super harsh on the body,
let me tell you....
I am DEFINITELY feeling it!

Ah well.
A temporary thing.

I've figured it out that I pretty much have
slight, yet highly annoying nausea
during my whole pregnancies
and my way of coping with such a yucky permanent feeling
is to eat every 2-3 ALLLL day (and night).
Hence the weight gain.
Plus I'm short, 5'3",
and so the added weight is more evident.

Am really hoping, though, that
the weight gain maintains itself soon
seeing as my stomach is getting
VERY, uncomfortably squished in there!
(and baby is only getting BIGGER!!)
I've noticed my meals becoming
quite a bit smaller
(thank God!)
so hopefully this is what happens naturally
if I choose to listen to my body.

Enough about the baby chubbs!

Here is a beautiful picture of my
Brooklyn with Santa: she's SUCH a cutie!!
And not even scared!!
(well not after a few minutes of seeing some other kids go up) =)
I was sooo proud!! =D

We have another preschool Christmas party tomorrow
and ANOTHER visit from Santa!
Boy, she is one busy & lucky girl!! =)


RosyRevolver said...

You look beautiful, Vita!!
No shame in extra pounds from baby love. You'll shed them in no time, and better to feel well and take care of yourself meanwhile.

Brooklyn is a sugar bean!! Such a sweetie. Merry Christmas to you all, and hugs from Carolina!


Elaine said...

you look wonderful and your bump is so cute! is brooklyn excited to become a big sis? hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your growing family!

Vita said...

haha thanks ladies, I'm content with it all finally...just happy to be here, that's all ;)

Ohhh yes, Brooklyn is sure excited always talking about her baby brother! sooo cute! lol

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all as well!!!!!! =)

Jaime said...

Vita you look adorable & glowing! I bet Brooklyn is going to make a fab big sister!
Any names picked out yet ?

Sunny Rising Leather said...


You are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.
That is all.