Sunday, February 21

9 months

Here I am at 9 months...
I didn't think I could get any bigger but, alas, it has happened.
After weeks of basically staying the same,
my tummy, (aka baby) had a big growth spurt
right after the last 8 month picture was taken.
I am now officially a WHALE!
haha, ok, that is not so or not very nice
but I do feel HUGE!

And uncomfortable.
And exhausted.
And, quite honestly, very useless.

My husband has been picking up alot of the slack lately
and I am so thankful to him for that
and for him basically being my hero, as always.

I also starting having Braxton Hicks contractions
(the "practice" contractions that prepare you for labour).
I'd almost forgotten what they felt like
even after complaining non-stop
about how painful my tummy has been feeling lately.
They especially occur when the little guy moves around
(which is basically ALL the time!).

I am also now off of work for good
and I feel very relieved.
That particular stress has been lifted
which I think has helped my mental state more.
And I get to hang out with my little girl
at home now too which is a big bonus :)

Now I just have to make it one more week
before we move to the big city for a few months.
I will be busy packing and also prepping/cleaning
the house this week
for the handful of different house/dogsitters
we will have while we are gone
(ughh, gong-show in this dept, as per usual).
And, perhaps, A LOT of mini-breaks and naps
along the way too...

Yep, all I have to say is:
Thank God for to-do lists!


susie said...

Take care, wishing you a safe delivery and continued good health for you and yours.

Jaime said...

Vita you look beautiful, just like you have through this whole pregnancy! Take care of yourself :-)

Sunny Rising Leather said...

You must have no idea how very beautiful you look: I remember going to lunch with a girlfriend when she was nine months and she was so OVER the belly. Couldn't lean in to eat.
We laughed so hard she thought she'd start contracting!!!

I cannot wait to meet your new little one through this blog.

You are awesome :)


Vita said...

Aww thanks ladies...I think it is good that I am taking pics of each month. Even though I feel rough and huge and yes also cannot lean in to eat at the table (LOL), I know I will look back one day and think how much it was WELL WORTH IT all! I mean how can I not?! Life really is a miracle. :)