Wednesday, February 10


8 months pregnant
(taken a few weeks ago; mind the dirty mirror...)
And I finally got a haircut (not shown).....whoa.

With my new FABULOUS(!!!!!) cameo ring from Rosy Revolver!!

Finally got that bird's nest OUT of Brooklyn's hair!!!
Whew! =)


Jaime said...

Awe Vita you look fantastic! You are getting close now, do you have any names picked out ?
Oh and I remember those days of struggling to get the knots out, I had really long hair as a kid *shudders at the thought of all that brushing*

susie said...

Lookin' good mama. Love the little bird's nest (wish I could take charge of Lucy's, her wild locks will not be tamed). Wishing you and yours good health and a safe delivery.

Vita said...

Thanks ladies!! :)
Jaime, we do have a name picked out but I'm not allowed to subject it to the masses just yet! lol!
And yes, oh my goodness, Brooklyn screams & cries every morning when we have to brush her pitiful that she doesn't have her momma's tough scull!

Vita said...

oops...I knew that looked funny...*skull*. :P