Monday, March 8

Things to NEVER do or say to a pregnant woman.

1. NEVER ask her if she's got twins "in there".

2. NEVER touch her belly without her permission.

3. NEVER lift up her piece of clothing (in this case, a scarf) to show her off to someone else in the office, like she is part of the circus.

4. NEVER say things like "you must be due ANY day now!" because chances are she still has weeks and weeks (or months) to go!

5. DON'T stare...if you REALLY have to stare, then atleast smile nicely while you are rudely staring.

6. NEVER give instructions and tell a pregnant lady how to take care of herself and her fetus...if she needs advice, she will ask her doctor or midwife!

7. NEVER, EVER comment on her weight (aka call her "fatso"; NOT EVEN JOKINGLY)!!! (seriously, do you want to get punched in the head???)

That is all I can think of right now...I must say that I haven't had too many rude people come up to me and do or say much of these things...except for #1, 2, 3, 5, and 7.

OK. So I lie. I guess most of this list comes from my own experience, hehe!
If you've experienced something different, add to my list by making a comment! ;)


Jaime said...

Lol Vita - some people just don't get it, they don't think then speak!
The big one I can think of is never ever assume someone is preggers and say so unless you are undoubtably sure. That happened to a coworker of mine right in front of my face. " Oh when are you due ?" " Um, I am not pregnant"


Vita said...

Oh yeah that's one FOR SURE!!! LOL!
My husband said he saw someone the other day and wasn't quite sure...and I said "NEVER even ask!" hehehe

Elaine said...

I loved this post. I just delivered 1 month ago, and prior to that was subject to all of these (except 2). One colleague asked me what I was doing at work because he thought I was due already-- that was 3 months (!!!) before baby was done cooking. ha ha. Can't wait to hear more about your little one!

Vita said...

It has been hilariously annoying, hasn't it Elaine!
And CONGRATULATIONS on the new baby!! :D