Monday, February 14

Starting up again...

So I've decided to start blogging again. 2010 was a crazy, wild, pregnant/postpartum & hormonal year. It was a COMPLETE health challenge. Thyroid disease took over my body and my mind. I know I sound like a broken record, but it's still kind of such a shock, really. And in a way, I'm still paying for it. I've got 50lbs to lose. Again. I didn't lose the weight after this baby like I did with my first baby but I suspect I also had thyroid disease at that time as well. It's just worse this time around.

So I'm starting over again, almost a year after having baby (he turns 1 in a month!!!!!!!!!!!). But, good news. My thyroid is finally cooperating once again. I am finally able to get the energy required to work out again (and as well to live life and take care of my babies!!!). I'm already in the gym most days and working my way up to running 30 min straight again. But now to get my diet under control once again. I seem to give in to my ravenous hunger (I over-do it) when I work out daily. So time to nip that shit in the bud.

Some new self-health goals:
1) eat a calorie range 1300-1600
2) NO cheat days (that just screws me up and un-does all my hard work)
3) eat 85% clean - reduce sugar, processed and unnatural foods
4) work out atleast 5 days a week with combined cardio and weight training for best results
5) learn to balance all out with family and work life (another words be a drone for the next year until I get my health back. Seriously, I know how this goes, I'm a pro at it by now!)

My short-term goal (because those are very important, so as to not lose focus) is to eat clean and not cheat for 10 days...let's see how long I can go after that...after 10 days, I will move it to 15, then 20 and so on. I want to break a record! Let's do this!

I realize that I always need to compete with myself in order to succeed at the personal stuff in makes for better results if I know I have a specific goal to strive towards. I will keep my updates posted here, like I used to. I know it's boring stuff, but I'll try to add in some fun stuff too (like babies and jewellery!!!).


Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

I am with ya sister! I set myself small goals ( since I have terrible willpower) like "no diet soda for X amount of days" ( I am a pop freak) Because once you overcome a small goal, you feel like you can keep going.
I haven't had an alcoholic drink this year yet! And I love my beers and a nice glass of vino - but I prioritize food over drink, so its a sacrifice I am willing to make ( for now lol)
We can do it!
PS - 30 minutes??? That is awesome! I can't run for 3 hahaha

Kate said...

Keep me updated on that :)
I also have to loose 50 lbs and will start with workout as soon as my pelvic floor allows to...
But eating clean will be the first challenge!