Wednesday, March 21

My new hobby...ring collecting

I LOVE rings...big chunky, colourful rings! It all started in university when I noticed a good friend wearing a really nice, chunky silver I bought one and then two and so on; just mainly silver rings though...and then when I was in Greece I bought a big, cheap, plastic, chunky, red saddle ring but it looked so HOT and I loved it so much and wore it ALL the time...And then I lost it last year! I've been forever trying to find it hoping that it is still around somewhere but to no avail...

And then while browsing on the internet a few weeks ago, I found a website that sold funky, glass rings...and I ordered 2 (from Italy, crazy me!) and they arrived but were too big! I still kept them and will have to wear a small band behind them so that I can wear them as they too expensive to return and too nice to give away; hehe!

And so I kept searching around online and have now found a whole bunch of sites to buy rings from! Yeah, I know...UH-OH! This is unfortunate for my wallet, hehe! So my latest shopping spree has just ended (I had to force myself! hehe) and I will post pics of my newly acquired rings soon! I just got two in the mail today and they fit so nicely and look so funky!

Ok, now I gotta get rid of this "shopper's high" and go drink some coffee or something!

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