Tuesday, March 6

First Tooth!!

My oh my...just a bundle of firsts these last 2 weeks! Her first word, her first sleep in her crib (at nite time), her first solid foods and now her FIRST TOOTH!!

I was playing with Brooklyn on the floor this afternoon and took her soother out of her mouth (I've been quite annoyed that she's taken so quickly to it this past week and gets fussy without it) and she grabbed my finger and stuck it in her mouth and I felt a tooth on the bottom just cutting the gums!! Sharp little sucker! So I figure that's why she's been favouring the soother for the first time ever...because she is teething and it comforts her!!

Oh and she bit me a few times last nite while nursing and the second time, I yelped and she got startled and started crying. Today she wanted to bite me (I could tell by the mischevious look in her eyes hehe) but I said no biting and she just looked at me trying to decide what to do.

So marks another mile in her little 6 month life :)

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