Thursday, April 12

Movin' on

As I mentioned earlier...overqualified and a town where there is virtually no fulltime work. That's the story of my life livin' up here.

But it really is time to move on...I'm kinda sad in a way...I grew up here and thought I could stay and make it work and raise my family here...but now I realize moving on is the best thing for me and my family. And although I feel sad, I'm also excited for the new things that await us.

And I've been noticing at the same time...that it's all very interesting after having a baby, to watch the friends that are supportive and the ones that are well...just absent. Even after continuous efforts on my part, the absentee friends remain non-responsive. Oh well...some people change and grow up and some people don't I guess. I guess that is all apart of having different priorities and the friendships naturally growing apart so that new friendships can form with other people. But needless to say, it is quite interesting to watch happen to yourself. Don't get me wrong, I'm not devastated by it. In fact, it's more relief than anything...because I know I'm worth it and don't want to waste my energy on people who don't have 'time' for me anymore. It's just a connection that I've recently made and I'm treating it more like I'm cleaning out my cluttered closet with the things, or people, that I don't need anymore. Plus, you can't please everyone and there is nothing more draining than trying to keep your friends that are just not interested anymore.

And so, with this revelation, I whole-heartedly admire the friends that, even after you having a baby, still make an honest effort to keep in touch and who don't treat you like you have a disease or are someone completely different from before the baby. I call those true friends. Those are the people I want to be friends with!

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