Friday, April 27

Things are great! It's SPRINGTIME!!

So yeah it's spring and things have been so much better and's so nice to finally get out of the house! Now I know that being couped up all day, every day is not the funnest thing!

As for the topic of moving, it's a go...we decided that after our holidays in June we will put our house up for sale and hopefully be able to sell it. And move to the city in the fall sometime before I start school again in January. JD has been really supportive and understands that we all gotta sacrifice certain things as that is what being a family and being together is all that is a nice change. I think having a baby has made him realize a few things and maybe look to the future a bit more clearly or atleast want to plan for it a little bit more now. It's nice to not have to fight for this type of change (moving), as that is what I'm used to doing with him.

And IT'S SPRING, IT'S SPRING!!! I love it! We are outside walking everyday and I even started (slowly, very slowly) running outside in the early mornings! And so far have lost 49lbs since being pregnant...mind you that includes the baby weight and where I was at my heaviest at 9 months along! So I've come along way and Brooklyn is 8 months old soon so not bad at all! I only have 11 more pounds to be back at my pre-preggo weight (the heavier one after a 10lb gain after x-mas hehe). So ultimately about 20lbs to go to get to my pre-christmas and pre-preggo state...not bad I must say! I had a whole month set-back last month where I sorta gave up but I'm back on track and focused and just starting to become happy with myself and my body once again...and to me, that's when I find that my goals and my positive changes become easier and more attainable to achieve. When I'm content with myself. I'm happy to say that I am now, finally once again :D

And I'm also happy to say that I'm finally content with staying at home this summer with my baby girl! We are gonna have so much fun playing outside all summer and seeing her learn new things in the sun!!

Oh happy days! Springtime, with a sense of newness, and contentness with oneself and one's family! That's what it's all about, folks! Cheers!!

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