Thursday, April 5

Scattered! But slowly getting somewhere...

Ok, so if you could look into my brain, you would see alot of clutter lately. I look back on my posts and it is very cluttered. But ultimately looks like a cycle of emotions.

Anyhow, me and JD have discussed some life alterations/situations and have come to the conclusion of moving to the big city so that I can finish my masters degree and also go where the jobs and accessibility would understand if you knew how much really is (or isn't) available here in this small town which is like 1000km away (minimum) from any city or good services.

So I will likely post another post next week...but for now, we are getting ready to drive those 1000km's away this weekend to visit the 'big' city south (it's actually a small one). This is our weekend getaway and yearly spending spree on things that we need that we cannot get here (mostly everything).

Wish us luck in that we don't break down again like last weekend on another trip to a small, northern city!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the whole 10 hour drive!!

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