Friday, May 4

Monday work

So I start work on Monday!! OMG! I'm not nervous so much about work, as I've worked there before and it will just be like resuming what I was previously doing before Baby girl. But I'm really nervous about leaving Brooklyn home all day with someone else! We did find a babysitter to come to our home and look after her and she seems like a really nice girl. But before we found someone, I was up at 3am the other nite with Brooklyn fussing and I got her to go back to bed an hour later...but do you think I could go back to sleep? No way. Tossed and turned for 2 hours before finally getting up at 6am! But now that we've found someone, I'm just worried about other things like if Baby girl will stay on her current schedule, if she'll get scared of this other girl, if she'll miss me, how we're going to keep nursing, or how we're going to wean a few feedings during the day...ahhhh! Yeah too much to worry about and I guess it will all come together when the time comes right?! And I'm sure it will all work out ok; mothers have been known to go back to work and leave their kids with babysitters everyday in this world...I just have to convince myself of that! hehe!

But anyways, now that we'll be bringing in more money as a family, we're looking into touching up a few things in the house so that if we sell it in the near future, it will be more marketable. We'll probably be getting rid of all the rug upstairs (our bedrooms are all rug-free but our living room, dining room and hallway are rugs) and put in some laminate flooring that will be on sale this weekend. Also, we will probably freshen up our kitchen by putting in some new countertop arburite (sp?) in a darker, stone colour so that it pops out against our light, ivory cabinets and white walls; this would also cover up gross stains and blemishes in the existing, old, old countertop that we have now. And for our smaller-sized kitchen, arburite will be relatively cheaper and also easier for JD to install...basically just sand, cut and glue on over existing counter. And it looks decent and like real stone.

AND we'll probably be buying a new that doesn't break down while travelling!! hehe! I have the Ford 'Edge' in mind as it's a good-sized car, a perfect family vehicle for travelling and camping and just basically getting around town in. We may be going to the nearby town (one with a dealership) to go look at one very soon. We're looking to negotiate with the dealers to give us similar payments to our existing car payment so that it's not too far off our existing budget. That way we should be able to save up a bit of extra money for other investments such as future grad school for me and future schooling for Brooklyn and also retirement funds which neither of us really have but really need to get started on.

Oh, it's amazing how things can change in an instant and how now, we have the capacity to actually plan ahead a little bit better :)

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