Friday, July 27

Shop till I drop...or rather till I break the bank.

Well it's been awhile since I posted anything on here...been busy working...and on vacation...and shopping online :S eeek!

Yeah...I have been busy spending ALOT of money after our holidays (well ok, even during them!) online! I've discovered a lot of great online stores as well as adding to my debt load and VISA bills!!! ikes!

So anyways, I've decided to cool it for a bit on the online shopping spree and become determined enough to pay off those bills...and maybe post a few more raves and rants on here to help keep me pre-occupied as opposed to my online binges! Maybe post a few good online stores for YOU to become obssessed with! lol!

Oh yeah, and I've googled shopaholic (because I was aware that I was running into a serious problem) and came across 'postpartum shopaholic-ness' I figured out that that is my problem. Sounds very reasonable and exactly like my current's a good excuse anyways :P hehe!

So maybe I'll see you around (whoever you are; I know Kate is one of you...hehe) here alot more in the near future!

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