Tuesday, May 1

Ok...so plans often change

For the better, I might add.

Yeah, I got a job! A permanent one at that (first one ever)! It's actually my old GIS job back with the organization that I was working for while I was pregnant and they just offered me an indefinite position (permanent) as well as a 40% increase in wages...HOLA! That's more than I've EVER, EVER, EVER made!!! Yah! So how can I pass that up?! I can't!!

So me and JD are holding off moving to the city for awhile longer now and now we can actually afford to save up some money for grad school in the near future and maybe even for retirement (or to start).

And also, we have to find a babysitter...first time ever! Oh, It's so nerve-wracking! I've been with Brooklyn for 8 months straight and I'm kinda nervous about leaving her with someone else! Oh well, I guess this feeling is normal and I suppose I'll get over it...I hope we find someone really good with babies!! Wish us luck!

Well, I guess good things do happen to good people! But in the meantime, I've learnt to always stay positive and make the best of any situation. That is the only way to be happy :D


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