Wednesday, August 8


I need to lose my remaining 15 pre-pregnancy weight pounds...and then some!

Starting yesterday!! It is official and I am once again determined to continue this journey of health and happiness and not to mention being comfortable in my own skin along with a good pair of jeans! And this blog will help me to lose those pounds, plus a few more.

But first, I need to start with the first 5's easier that way to focus on the little things and not the big (30 lbs) picture...that's how I did it (lost 40 lbs) before I became preggo!

So, yesterday I was right on spot for my 1200 calorie intake and went for a 25 minute run after supper on my treadmill. It was slow but steady. That way I don't get injured with the extra 30 pounds I have on my knees! I need to stay within my caloric range of 1200-1400 because that is my problem...I can exercise all day but I can also eat all day too...mind you I do, in fact, eat all day (every few hours) which I find helps more with weight loss as well as hunger...but the amount and choice of food is more important. So that needs to be balanced out. I also need to add more protein and fibre into my diet.

I LOVE diet diary from Calorie King...the palm pilot version since I carry my palm everywhere and keep track of whatever I eat. It's super great and handy!!

Anywho, I will weigh myself of Friday to see if I've lost anything...pray for me!! Although I realize it may take a week or two for my body to adjust to all the (healthy) changes...and I realize that...and must be patient and NOT GIVE UP!!! I did it before and I WILL do it again!! ROAR!! lol!

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