Sunday, March 2

Apple pie!!

Brooklyn's favourite new saying as of lately (like ALL week) has been "apple-pie"! I don't know why...I do know she loves apples but as far as we know she has never had apple pie! hehe! So today after her saying it so many times, I jokingly told her that she can bring one over to Papérè's (grandpa) and share an apple pie with him, since he loves them so much. But then Jody and I looked at eachother with the same thought: apple pie is not too hard to make!!

So chef Jody took over and proceeded to make and bake his little girl an apple pie, home-made crust and all (leave it to him to do so)! And an extra pie of which she can bring over to Papérè's house after her nap. Oh, he is going to be soo pleased especially after working on a Sunday! And this will be her first time eating apple pie!! Finally something she can connect with her favourite saying! heheh!

The final products (yum!!)
(how sad...he's just fancy with his crusts! heh)

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