Thursday, March 6

The Itch.

I'm thinking of moving out of town again. Although I think that this itch might have something to do with the has been cold again this week and I have not walked to work at all this week; so windy and cold, -30's...yuck.

And you know when they say there must be something in the water...well, I think this to be true about the weather affecting me like this. But there is some (well ALOT) of validity to my mind when it is like this...who wants to go through this year after year?! Not moving somewhere warmer in the south is something I have my eyes on probably as a permanent fixture. But I have been thinking of a few different things this time, like keeping the house here and renting it out and buying another in the south...later on, in a few years of course, when we are more financially stable. But it's potentially a way to make a buck or two. An investment. But we'll see.

As for the weather, well, it is supposed to be warming up today and tomorrow. And hopefully on the weekend too so me and baby girl can head outside to do fun stuff while Jody is out of town. I will be less insane and she will be more tired if we get to go outside and play in the fresh air! hehe!

So where is the Spring Fairy...or better yet, that Groundhog who said the spring was coming early, back on Groundhog Day?! Maybe it was an imposter...? A beaver perhaps?! heheh! Well, ok, lets hope for some spring weather anyways, shall we?! :)

PS - I just finished reading 'The Other Boleyn Girl' book as per my book club and it was actually VERY, VERY good...such a good, lovely story! I couldn't put it down and that's the first book I had like that in a long time! sure made me more interested and curious about the Monarch system and the history of it all...I googled/wikipedia'd it and am all up to date now! hehe!

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