Wednesday, March 12

Quarter-life Crisis.

So I figured I've reached something called the 'quarter-life crisis'. Well actually I think I've been going through this so-called crisis for awhile now. But I will write more about it later...I just don't want to forget so wrote it down now. I've been sick for 5 hasn't been pleasant :(

So I'm feeling much better health-wise...however, I was sick during the warmest weekend yet! Not very fun missing out on that. And now that I'm feeling better, it has gotten cold again. WAHH! Oh well.

And regarding my so-called 'quarter-life crisis'...yeah. That's what I've figured it is and this book I'm reading about the "lies they tell you about your 20's" just comfirmed that many woman (and probably men too) go through this life changing period in there life. It's kind of like living in 'limbo' for the whole decade of your 20's; well atleast after university.

Anyhow, there is just too much to complain about to put it all in here. But I do know that I've been having anxiety and panic attacks like never-before in the past few years. About various things: job, retirement, money, living in small, isolated townsville, winter blues (are extreme), body issues, and planning the next 'phase' of life, grad school AND trying to figure out when to have more kids. How do you fit that all on one page let alone into one lifetime?! AND before the age of 30?! I guess the answer to that is, that sometimes you just don't.

Breathe. Small steps.

I gather that this all requires many, many small steps with LOTS of breathing. And I'm happy to say that today is a small step. Lately, the panic attacks have been all about the finances...those little, green dollar bills have been making me loonie! Pun-intended! hehe!

Sooo, after getting some much needed advice about RRSPs, IN LAYMAN'S TERMS, from my dear sister (before that, I thought they were the devil that you get taxed twice on) I am finally starting an RRSP for retirement. And I'm hoping that this will help curb the latest anxiety attacks I've been having and scary thoughts about retiring in a cardboard box when I'm 65.

In addition, I'd like to thank God for tax season and tax returns...because of this, we were able to pay a huge chunk onto our line of credit (which when its done being paid in a few weeks, we will never touch it again!!). And we're also gradually paying off some severe credit card debt in big chunks every 2 weeks. That along with saving money for emergency and other funds and now RRSPs and RESPs, I think we're finally getting set up properly. Well, something we can both live with that is void of panic attacks, anyways.

So it is a process.
And I'm finding that everything in moderation, is the, duh!

Wow, wisdom really does come with age!
I just have to say: FINALLY!!
And how nice! ;)

Oh and bring on my 30's!!

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