Monday, June 2

Finishing up!

So it's not written in stone but it's pretty darn close!

I will probably be moving back to Calgary for a semester from Jan-Apr to finish up 2 main courses for my master's degree!! I just got word, that my work will probably be letting me go as part of a training contract that I've signed with them (which I'm currently finishing up 2 other courses). I just have to live here and work for them a bit longer afterwards (2+years) and they'll support me in getting my courses. I've decided that it will be a good decision, to stay here, a bit longer so that both JD and I can finish up our schooling (his 4 yr apprenticeship and my masters degree) and we may as well make some good money (and save it) while we're at it :)

It will be busy for us though; JD goes to school in Edmonton for 2 months every year in the fall and then, this time around, when he gets back for Christmas, then I leave for 4 months in January. Lots of juggling for us to do, especially with Brooklyn, but well worth it for the both of us and our little family.

AND after I'm done my semester, I'm going to plan a family trip to Hawaii!
That should be SWEET, WONDERFUL AND GREAT!! :)

I'm just very happy now with how things are turning out! My employer is really making an effort and I am pretty impressed, much more so than if I was at that other place of employment! Sometimes it takes awhile, but I am so glad and appreciative that things actually worked out this way :)

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