Wednesday, April 30

Nip it in the bud...

So I've been having really bad gas and bloating lately and couldn't figure out why. So after a few days of examining my diet and quitting wine with my dinner (this could be it too) I may have found the 'culprit' in another food item...hopefully and fingers crossed because these stomach issues are retarded and I don't want them anymore!

So I searched online for stomach gas related to Fibre One peanut butter granola bars and found this:

And lo and behold many people with the same problems! Oh...and have a good laugh at all the comments in the bottom section of the website...some people are freakin' hilarious!! Lots of talk about farting!! LOL!!

So I think I'll stop eating them after today (I was eating one a day) and see if the issue goes away. PLEASE!! I want my red wine back! hehe!

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