Tuesday, June 23


Certain things become quite apparent, in times of need.
Like realizing friends who are really there for you...
And friends who just aren't and basically haven't been for years.
Friends who are too self-involved and basically just "takers".

This reality check has been brewing in my head for years and only now has come to tilt.

It's sad to say, but sometimes friendships that have lasted for decades are no longer relevant or functional or relational. It will be sad to "say good-bye", once I finally decide to (I'm still waiting to feel rational again and not so angry anymore), but sometimes a good-bye is needed in order to move on so that more healthy and functional relationships can evolve in it's place. 

On a brighter note: I am SUPER happy that I have my little family together again and all back home now.


susie said...

Glad you are all together again.

I have had those moments when I look at someone I have always considered a close friend and wondered if they were ever the person I thought they were (if that makes any sense). It can be a very sad thing. Thankfully, I have also been wonderfully surprised by people I never expected to come through in ways that amaze me (here's to more people falling into this category). Onward and upward, take care.

Vita said...

Thanks Susie :)
It def is a tough call.