Saturday, June 13

Yewellery and heartache.

Ok. Since arriving home I've gotten a barrage of packages from (those darned!) Etsy artists!  ;)

{I really need to QUIT. 
This is getting ridiculous and I think I have enough bling... :P 
I have a serious problem with this whole jewellery binging thing... oy.}

Anyhow, enough of the psychoanalysing (I'll conquer this addiction in time, I swear!), I was recently into smaller rings for awhile before I left but am now back on the large ring kick not sure why my preferences changed like this so suddenly?! So, no surprise, I had to wear my biggest ring yet, once I came back. It's absolutely amazing and actually quite comfortable as well!!

Looking fabulous at work with my new bling 
while putting my chapstick on.

And while drinking my much-needed coffee...
[With finally being back home and then travelling and then coming back and then Jody leaving again and coming back and with all the recent and deteriorating news (we know it's coming but that doesn't make it much easier to deal with)...I am realizing that life is just absolutely exhausting right now. ]
Coffee and jewellery are my refuge.

And here are two lovely items from two different 
and also quite lovely artists themselves...
quite the matching pair, isn't it!? :)


RosyRevolver said...

Just found your blog, Vita. Your little girl is lovely! Mason, I imagine, would follow her around all day. Happy Sunday to you and yours. I'll be sure and stop by often.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh YOU!!!! I cannot believe how magical that ring looks on your lovely finger. Thanks for the shout out and the kind heart. Hang in there with everything!!

EmeliaRo said...

Aww! What an honor to get to be worn on your bod right next to Jilly-Plume!!! :)

PS I'm glad you mentioned that was chap stick since, for a second, I was thinking that all your stress had driven you to cigar smoking! :)

Still praying for you and your sweet family.

Vita said...

Thanks ladies :)

RR: and I'm sure Brooklyn would follow him around too, hehe!

Allison: of course darling, it is pure fabulousness! ;)

Emily: ewwww! cigar!! hahaha! well might help with the stress levels....nahhh, too GROSS!!!! LOLLL

susie said...

I'm suffering from bling envy. I've been trying to construct my own with varying results. As always, fabulous taste, lovely people and unique pieces. Take care - continue to find those bits of joy where you may and hang on tight.

The Noisy Plume: said...

Love you V.
Wish you were Saskatoonian. I'd surely spend all of next week with you in the sunshine on the riverbank.


All my love,

Vita said...

*sigh* ... on the riverbank... such a heavenly place to be..thanks Plume! I always knew Saskatoonians had huge hearts! xoxo ♥

bella-bijoujewellery said...

I just stumbled accross your blog, we are fellow Canadians! That ring is gorgeous ( as are you - so very pretty!) Perhaps big rings are fun to wear because they are so enjoyable to make!
As for the jewellery addiction, I can think of so many less fabulous addictions. A collection of incredible artisan made jewellery is so very glamorous!

Vita said...

Hi Jaime! Thanks and thanks again! :)
You are right, a collection of such (as I just happened to post today as well) is something I admire each time I walk by my jewellery box! So this addiction can't be so bad, right?! ;)

Oh and Canada Day in a week! WOOT!