Monday, June 15

The Summer of Paper Writing.

No vacation for me this summer. Just a solid bout of paper-writing, working full-time and hopefully getting some nice weekends at the lake (or river) with my beautiful family.

Also planting some flowers tonite....I need my front yard "flower bed garden" to look like a flower bed garden and NOT like a weed-infested jungle!!! OY! THANKFULLY there were pre-planted flowers at the stores this weekend!! --This town is so scary in that department! I almost thought I was going to have to live with my weedy jungle out front this summer! My neighbours would have been giving me the evil eye through all of July & August!!

Anyhow, after what seemed like (or WAS!) 4-5 weeks of unproductive paper writing, I've FINALLY got my paper outline done! Wayy past the original deadline but done, nonetheless. How thrilling does it look?! (yeah, yeah I know, hahah)

It has been emailed to my supervisor and hopefully she has some good, critical advice for it(although I hope it doesn't get torn to shreds!!! EEK!). In the meantime, I need to start, no. Not reading any good or comforting novels, but a couple dozen articles (this is where speed-reading and good note-taking comes in handy). I'm not complaining though because I think it will actually be a good distraction as well as something positively productive to focus on. I am, after all, two-thirds complete!! EEEE! Just thinking of how close I am, makes my day :)

So onwards and's time to get back to work!
And back to normal, everyday life!!
Which actually makes me feel quite satisfied and content.

OH! And Happy Pre-Father's Day to all the guys out there!
I invited my dad over for a bbq dinner last nite with my husband thinking that it was Father's Day....I was SOOO ahead of the game this time....that NEVER happens (I tend to forget EVERY important date)!! But only because I have NO IDEA what day it is anymore!! hahaha! -- (yes, I am becoming ever so slightly delusional, lol). So on the brightside, we get to do it all over again next Sunday!! Hopefully with more family around! (my mom and my brother and his wife who are all out of town) YIPPEE! :)

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