Monday, July 20


So this is the stack of paper's that I've been reading for the past 2 weeks...
Looking at the stack sitting there in front of me, it is more than I originally thought!
now I'm supposed to write the paper!


Now I am stuck.
I cannot focus.
I cannot think clearly.
My eyes are fuzzy.
I am tired.
I am hungry.
I just want to glaze on Etsy all day.

I need a vacay!

Nonetheless, I will not get one.
And I must write this thing by Wednesday at the latest.
So please, please, please, please...
Send me lots of brain energy thingies!
Because, dude, I'm all busted up!
And getting burnt out!


susie said...

Wish I could send you some little homework fairies to help you through.

bella-bijoujewellery said...

Wowzers! I would help if I possibly could, but since we are separated by province, I will just have to send you my good work vibes.