Wednesday, July 22

Rain, rain...


And seriously, DON'T COME BACK!

This summer 'situation' reminds me of myself

in wintertime telling the snow to go away...

This rain is definitely getting to me.

This is not normal for this town to be so cold and wet like this.

I cherish my summers so much!

Yesterday was the first HOT day of the summer.

+28 and that's not even hot.

We haven't even experienced +30 yet!!

Not acceptable!

So yesterday while it was +28 (EEEEE!!)

I played hooky and stayed home in the afternoon to

try and write my paper.

But I did so outside basking in the beautiful sunlight and heat!

I could definitely use another deca

of centigrades in temperature.

+35 would be FANTASTIC!!

Sooo happy for the heat!

The dogs feeling happy to have a companion outside with them!
(and a MUCH needed bottle of deet!
when you live up here you learn to live with the bugs too!)

I am dreaming.

Of Hawaii.

And pina coladas.

I swear I was born to live in the tropics.

Too bad the hubby likes snow! BAH!

Well, the rest of the week is looking up.

Mostly sunny with temperature in the late 20's.

If the forecast doesn't change again!

Ohhh, I hope not!


EmeliaRo said...

Maybe if you wear that necklace again it'll be warm out again?!? It's worth a try I suppose :)

bella-bijoujewellery said...

Oh Vita you have such a nice spacey backyard! I am jealous! We've been lucky over here in Vancouver - so far so good, although last summer we spent most of the two months in rain.

Vita said...

haha Emily, no doubt! ;)

Jaime; I know, I almost entitled my blog entry "so this is what it feels like to live in Vancouver?!" heheh But seriously, I'd go insane...then again I do anyways when it gets to -40! ;)

Vita said...

*minus* 40, that is... :)

CarolynArtist said...

ooo that necklace is quite beautiful...and so are you. We need rain here, we had too too much, now we have none...hope you get some sunshine!

lisaslovlies said...

We have had the same weather here in New Hampshire. I am still waiting for summer!! I suspect it will arrive in August, no?

bella-bijoujewellery said...

Well thats one thing we dont have to worry about in Vancouver - it never goes below -5 ! Our winters are "warm" lol ( cold to us of course!)
Its supposed to be in the high 30s this weekend - I hope I don't melt ( working with a torch+heat=yucky)