Monday, July 6


Is that you...?!


The sun has come out to play!

And umbrella's will only be used now 
for protecting little princesses 
from the hot sun ;)

And alas ... 
I am still writing this blasted paper...
It's gonna be a lonnnnng month.

Note to self: 
Have GOT to set up an outdoor study area.
Preferably at the lake.


susie said...

Adorable -I'm a big fan of the princess look myself.

Good luck with the paper-I am on hiatus from school (one semester off has turned into three), and if it makes you feel any better, I still don't seem to have the extra time I was sure I would have if I wasn't in school. Good for you - you are getting it done! I know firsthand that juggling work/wifedome/mommyhood/school is no easy task - my hat is off to you today! Go soak up some of that sunshine!

bella-bijoujewellery said...

Oh do send the sun over here to vancouver!! It *poured* rain yesterday, all night and again today. Its sooo dreary ( although I am getting a monumental amount of work done!)
Your princess is darling in every sense :-)

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oh, that dress reminds me of the yellow bridesmaid dress I used to tear around my neighborhood in when I was a tot..... your girl is too cute!!!!