Sunday, February 25

Clear head

Ok, in regards to Job #1 and Job #2 etc..., I think I've figured things out more concretely...I do feel that I am ready to return to work after being on maternity leave. I am coming to terms with being able to balance all the things in life that I want, including being a good mom and furthering my career.

That didn't take as long as I thought (only days) which kinda surprises me because I am usually torn with what my husband, JD, doesn't want to do as we ultimately clash on the subject of moving. But I think it helps that, since Brooklyn was born, he has actually been more open to moving so that I can finish my graduate degree (this is a new man I am seeing!) and he has ACTUALLY browsed around at some programs at the university and the trades college where we would move to in CG...this is quite a break-through for him as he's never been willing to move or go back to school, let alone even THINK about it all!!! So I give him a lot of credit for that! And after he told me that yesterday and showed me which programs he was looking into (although quite unenthused but still, he was looking!!), I got to thinking...

...We just don't have the money to move up north to YK where that gov't job is. If we moved there, we would probably try to keep our house here and so that would be like having 2 different mortgages, plus it’s colder there...and I’m not a winter person so I don't think I want to do that! hehe! And also the fact that when I moved back home here (after I got preggo) I FINALLY got a good job, and I’ve realized that that was what I've been waiting for all these years...was an opportunity here in my hometown. After all, that is why I returned to school to get a masters degree because I could not get a job here after my undergrad.

So ultimately, I figure that I will go back to work here in town to my current job. But I hope to negotiate a permanent position with them that includes an education clause, allowing me to return to and eventually finish my degree...because I also need to finish what I started, right?! hehe! And if they don't agree to that, well I'll just work and save up some money for school anyways. This decision is what makes the most sense to me and also appeals more to JD as well. That way we only have to move once and then it’s only temporarily for about a year or so. And school will cost a lot so keeping my job here will enable me to save up for all the expenses that we will incur moving to CG for a year.

So that's my decision...It's nice to have my mind made up and I'm SO glad that my husband is finally on board with me on something that is so important to me. His support means so much! It’s a happy, happy day!!

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