Wednesday, February 21

Job 1, Job 2, Home or Grad School?

Well, I have some serious decisions to make...and of course I need to discuss them with my husband (that's always a pleasure :S). I am currently staying at home with my (almost) 6 month old daughter on 'maternity leave'. Before I got pregnant, I was attending graduate school (in another city) in my area of interest. 3 months into school and a trip home for Christmas to see my husband, I was pregnant! Nothing bad about that, it was actually the best thing to ever happen to me and us but now I am left to try and decide what to do next...I guess I am always trying to figure out what the next step is, that's just how I am.

So when I got pregnant I moved back home to my hometown to be with my husband and looked for work and accidently came across a great job in town in my field. So they gave me a contract to work with them until I had my baby and it was great working there. Now, I hear that they want me back but I am not sure if they are willing to give me a permenant position with good pay...if they don't then I was going to drag my husband and baby with me so that I can finish my graduate degree. That is difficult enough as we have a mortgage here in town and 2 dogs which makes house hunting (to rent) difficult in most places. make matters more complicated, I just applied for another similar job with the government (set for life type of job) in another city which is very expensive to live in. The pay and benefits are great and I'd be working in the top place for Geomatics in my area. Mind you, I still need to get an interview but I think my chances are really good...but I guess, until then...

So...yeah. There are 3 choices. Actually 4 if you count the fact that I can just stay home and enjoy my time with my hubby does not like the idea of moving ANYWHERE. He has some sort of phobia against moving since he moved away from his home back East and has always been this way but now that we have a little one, he realizes that I want to move forward in my career and is attempting to be more supportive and actually consider moving. His job is sort of a dead-end type and he has had no concrete career ideas so he knows that I would like to move forward with some of my career goals and dreams before he is ready to figure out what he wants to do.

Anyhow, fun stuff...decisions. Ah well...atleast I can say that I have the luxury of having these choices. Which is a step up from a few years ago.

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