Monday, February 26

Her first word!!

Brooklyn spoke her first 'word' yesterday!! eee! Oh a mother's delight! I type 'word' in quotations because her first word was actually a combination of words; it was "mama-papa". This was after JD and I repeated this over and over. We didn't expect her to say them both but after thinking about how we repeated it together-like, why wouldn't she?

It was really cute, though, after one of us said it she would just silently mouth the words at the same time that we said it...not out loud, just mouth it. And then when we got quiet for a moment (ok mom & dad! SHUT UP now! hehe), and she said "mama-papapa"!! teehee!

It was a sweet moment and after months of 'competing' with eachother and coaxing 'mama' (me) and 'papa' (JD) to her for it to be her first word, we both get to dwell in the fact she said both our 'names'! hehe! Of course this is all in fun and whatever her first word would have been, we would have, nonetheless, thought she was brilliant anyways!

So now the bad news...bad news, you ask? Well now I have to really watch my f-bombs! And that's not going to be an easy feat with my current 'trucker-mouth' tendencies!

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