Monday, September 24

Screwy uppy...

So I bought a new weigh scale...a digital one.

BAD MOVE when you're in the midst of trying to lose weight!! haha! It is a few pounds different, and I mean heavier(!!), than the old one!!

Oh well, such is life...I'm on a weight rut anyways and re-evaluating my eating habits once again. I'm going to cut out the cookie that I eat every afternoon at snack-time and replace it with an apple. Good choice, I know. hehe!

So, in the meantime, I think I'll officially go by the new scale although this means waiting probably an extra week or more by the time that I 'catch up' again to my old weight of 168! *sigh*

Oh well...more incentive to eat apples, I guess!! haha

PS- I am a horrible mom...Brooklyn fell down the steps today as I turned my back for ONE SECOND to let the dogs inside...she usually crawls down the stairs but this time as I turned around, she lunged at me to pick her up and I wasn't quick enough and she toppled down the 3 steps to the bottom..... =( My poor baby girl. I was SOOOO horrified. But she is ok and survived with no bumps or bruises, just scared herself pretty good...and scared her momma to death too!!! I'm NEVER doing that again, turning my back on her right by a flight of stairs!!!!! OMG the horror!!

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Kate said...

Oh yes, getting new scales is ALWAYS bad. How come that on the new ones you're always heavier? I've been on a quite old one at the doctor and been 6 pounds lighter, hehehe

How's Brooklyn doing? You're really the worst mom ever!! No... seriously ... THAT HAPPENS when they start to walk. You cant be there and look at her every second. So dont worry too much about that...